Truly, Madly, Deeply (A Harry Styles Love Story)

19 year old Raquel and Harry Styles from One Direction are both teenage heart throbs. they have been dating for a year and many people have been hating on raquel since shes dating harry. The words that people say to her ruin her career and her life. Her manager then forbids her to see Harry since he is ruining her career. They kept there relationship but it wont be for long.


15. Tour Video Diarys

              The cocnert was finally over, Raquel and Harry both went back on the tour bus to go to Virginia. On the bus, Harry was on his phone texting Louis. Raquel was also on her phone but she was on twitter and facebook. She kept on reading what people said about her. She opened her laptop and decided to do a twitcam since her manager told her to do so. She called it Tour video diary. She was supposed to say things that she did that day.

"Hey guys. So im supposed to do this video diary thing like everyday so ya. so today I performed in Hershey Park. I actually seen my first concert there."

Harry said goodbye to Lou and as Raquel continued her video diary, Harry went behind her and he hugged her from behind. Harry started kissing her cheek and Raquel kept on leaning over and she was also laughing as he continued to kiss her cheek because she didnt want to kiss him infront of 1,000,000 people that were watching.

               "HI EVERYONE!" Harry shouted.

He waved and gave the cheekiest smile. Raquel continued doing the video diary as Harry sat behind her.

"Also im going to do like a Q & A thing." Raquel smiled. "So tweet me by using #Askraquel and ask me anything but no personal questions." 

Raquel showed every question to Harry because she wanted his opinion if she should answer it. Harry decided to read the questions to her

"Alrighty, our first question is from Taylor from Atlanta, Whats your favorite thing about touring?" Harry said in his raspy voice

"hhhmmm, to be honest i have to say meeting all the fans and i also love to sing since it was my dream to perform on stage."

They answered many questions. Now it was time for the last one.

"Whats the next question Harry? Raquel asked.

Harry sat there with his eyes wide open as he stared at the screen.

"Harry, Whats wrong?" Raquel leaned over to see the question but Harry refused to show it to her.

Raquel took the phone away from Harry. As she read the question, you could see her eyes filling with tears.

"Thats if for today. Bye!" Harry said as he ended the video.

                Harry hugged Raquel as she started to cry.

"Why me? Why do they hate me?" Raquel asked as she was crying.

"I dont know......." Harry said as he rocked raquel back and forth and wiping her tears away.

Harry felt bad for her and Harry started to tear aswell. A tear ran down his cheek and landed on Raquel's head. Raquel looked up

"Why are you crying?" Raquel asked.

"I just hate seeing you like this." Harry said.

Raquel's eyes were swollen from crying so much.

"I wish this would just stop" Raquel said. 

Harry noticed scars on her wrist again. Harry kissed her scars

"Please stop"

Raquel just looked at him not saying a word. They both slept in eah others arms for the rest of the night.


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