Truly, Madly, Deeply (A Harry Styles Love Story)

19 year old Raquel and Harry Styles from One Direction are both teenage heart throbs. they have been dating for a year and many people have been hating on raquel since shes dating harry. The words that people say to her ruin her career and her life. Her manager then forbids her to see Harry since he is ruining her career. They kept there relationship but it wont be for long.


30. The House of Mirrors

They both got out of the car. Harry took Raquel's hand as they both walked to the entrance, all they could see were flashing lights and a lot of rides.

"Where do you want to do first?" Harry asked.

"Come" Raquel responded as she pulled his hand.

They both went on the biggest rollercoaster in the park.  They sat in the first cart waiting for the operator to start the ride. The ride soon began, as they slowly climbed their way to the top of the steep hill, Raquel looked to her side and saw the ground below her inching away as they made their way towards the skies. Before reaching the top, Harry looked at Raquel and held her hand. His hand was trembling. He still was afraid of roller-coasters.

"Harry are you ok?" Raquel asked


"Your hand is shaking"

"I know, im just afraid of heights"

"You didn't have to go on with me"

"Its alright, im happy if your happy" Harry said as he smiled.

 Raquel turned her head away and smiled to the ground. As they reached the top, thoughts in Harrys head were jumbled; fear, excitement, nervousness... As the cart comes to a sudden stop, his heart is in his throat; he leaned over to  see that they have reached the peak of the giant hill. A sudden silence hangs above the cart as they both prepared for the stomach-turning descent. Before they knew it, His heart is in your throat, His stomach turning as he watched Raquel's sway in the air. The speed increases by the second, the wind blowing through their hair as they climb up the bumps, feel the shakes as the coaster twists and turns, and fall down to earth. The excitement rushes through him like the water in a river.
Before they know it, the adventure is over, leaving Harry's head spinning in a way he had never imagined. He climb out of his seat, legs shaking, and laugh in the mind; the mysteriously frightening coaster leaves him wanting more excitement.

"Did you like it? Raquel asked as they walked down the steps.

"Yeah, I actually did"

They went on many rides after when Raquel's phone went off. She grabbed her phone from her purse. to see Kathryn was calling her.

"Uh-oh" Raquel said.

"Who is it?" Harry asked


"Don't answer it, Its just the both of us right now?

Harry grabbed her phone, put it on silent and put it back  in her purse.

"She's going to think I'm up to something"

"Don't worry"

The park was going to close in 30 minutes. They both went into the house of mirrors. Raquel ran into the entrance.

"Try to find me" Raquel said as she walked into the maze.

Harry ran after her and as soon as he got in, he was already lost. He could only hear Raquel's voice. He had to make sure he did not bump into any of the mirrors. He turned and seen Raquel's reflection in every mirror around him. He tried to figure his way out. Raquel walked through the maze making sure Harry wasn't around her. She then made a turn and fell on top of Harry.

"I found you" Harry said with a grin.

Raquel quickly picked herself up and helped harry up. They both eventually found their way out. They both walked out of the park finding the paparazzi at the entrance. Harry held her hand even tighter so she wouldn't let go. As soon as they seen Harry, There were flashes every where. Raquel covered her face so no one could see her. They both stepped into the car and they weren't able to move because a bunch of people were blocking the road.

"People are going to think were together again" Raquel said blocking her face from the cameras

Harry started the car and looked in the back to see no one was there. He went in reverse and then he started to drive through the forest.

"What are you doing?" Raquel said

"I'm going to keep us away from the paparazzi so we wont be seen together." Harry replied

Harry finally made it back onto the road. He brought Raquel back to her hotel. He got out of the car to walk her down to her room. Somehow, one of the paparazzi made his way into the hotel and hid himself so they wouldn't see them.

"Did you have fun?" Harry asked

"Yeah, I actually did..... Night" Raquel said with her back against the door.

He leaned in and gave her a kiss. There was a flash. They both looked down the hall to see no one was there.

"Night" Harry said as he walked down the hall.

Raquel opened the door and Lauren and Kathryn were both in their rooms asleep. She took off her heels and walked to into her room. He leaned against the door and slid down with a smile on her. Her smile then vanished.

"I should be with him again, not after what he did" Raquel said to herself.

She got up and got changed then went to bed. She laid down and looked at the ceiling thinking about what Harry did for her.

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