Truly, Madly, Deeply (A Harry Styles Love Story)

19 year old Raquel and Harry Styles from One Direction are both teenage heart throbs. they have been dating for a year and many people have been hating on raquel since shes dating harry. The words that people say to her ruin her career and her life. Her manager then forbids her to see Harry since he is ruining her career. They kept there relationship but it wont be for long.


52. The Arena

It was time for Raquel's concert, Harry and Raquel both started heading towards the lobby of the hotel. They saw flashing light waiting for them outside. Harry grabbed her hand. Her hand started to twitch, he then squeezed her hand. She looked up at him.

"There's nothing to worry about" He stared into her hazel eyes. He leaned in to the side of her head "We have each other" he whispered into her ear.

Her thumb gently rubbed his hand that was intertwined with hers. He pushed the door open and as soon as they both came out of the hotel, there were rapid flashes that were almost blinding, Raquel hid her face since she didn't like the paparazzi getting a glimpse of her. Harry walked with the cheekiest smile on his face as they made their way toward the car. He opened the car door and she hopped in.

"Excuse me, could you give my girlfriend and I some space?" He said as to the paparazzi as she waited in the car.

She couldn't help but let out a small chuckle since she never heard the paparazzi that. Harry hopped into the drivers seat.

"What's so funny?" He asked

"Nothing" She giggle

"Was it what I just said?"

She nodded her head.

"I felt weird saying that" he smirked.

He stared at her as she laughed. He then leant towards her and shut her up by giving her a kiss on the lips. He started the engine. he looked at her to see a smile on her face. He smirked then they drove to the arena.

After several minutes of driving, Raquel's manger, Cara, sent her a text message.

If you are heading towards the arena right now, don't come through the front since it is mobbed with teenage girls wanting to see a glimpse of you and Harry. Once you get here, just look for me and ill show you where to go

"who was it" Harry glanced at her.

"It was my manager, she said not to go through the front and that she bring us to the back."

Harry nodded his head. He then stopped at the red light. A bunch of girls that were on the corner of the street noticed the and they ran in his direction. They all just wanted a picture with Harry, Raquel looked out the window as everyone avoided her. The  light turned green. The girls ran back to the corner, as they ran back someone shouted.

"Raquel, your an ugly ass bitch"

Harry drove, he then turned to Raquel and saw her head down and a tear forming. He turned his head back towards the road.

"Don't cry please, it kills me to see you like that"

The tear ran down her cheek.

"Don't listen to them."

"How could I not listen to them if they just scream it out loud" She cried as she looked at harry "You have no idea how it feels to have your insecurities said to you" She mumbled as she turned away. Harry held her hand to try to comfort her since he had to focus on the road.

They finally arrived at the arena, a huge crowd of screaming girls were waiting in front of the arena. Moments later, they saw the car turn around the corner. They all ran and in a matter of seconds the car was mobbed. Harry put all the windows up to protect her. They both looked for Cara. The police came and pushed everyone out of the way so they could go into the stadium.

"There she is!" Raquel shouted point to a women with long blonde hair.

Harry followed her as she pointed to where they needed to go. They pulled into the back of the arena, they hopped out of the car and they made their way inside. Raquel found her way to the dressing room. Harry followed her into the room but she stopped him.

"Wait out here until I get dressed"

"I cant come in , I wont look, see" He covered his eyes to show her that he wont look.

She laughed. "Your cute"

He smirked revealing his left dimple.

"Just wait here"

"Fine" he planted his lips on hers.

She closed the door and put her bag on the couch. She pulled the beaded short white dress out of her bag. She laid it out on the couch as she slipped out of her jeans and shirt. She put on the dress and opened the door.

"You can come in now"

Harry sat on the couch and watched Raquel as she did her makeup.

"Why do you put on makeup?"

"because I'm ugly"

"and I'm pregnant"

"What?" She turned around to look at him.

"I thought we were saying thing that weren't possible"

Harry lifted himself off the couch and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He leaned his head on her shoulder.

"Your beautiful without it" He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She smiled. He put her makeup away and placed it in her bag.

"Just go out on stage natural and leave your hair straight, I think you look the prettiest when you look like this"

"Thank you for making me feel beautiful" She smiled

She planted her lips on his. The door opened.

"Are you ready?" Cara asked.


"Lets go"

She released herself from Harry's grip, he held her hand as they both left the dressing room. They were able to hear the crowd backstage. She headed towards the platform.

"Just remember there all here to see you with a smile on your face, not tears running down your cheek" He told her as he cupped her cheek.

She nodded her head. He gave her a kiss and she started to head towards the platform. She closed her eyes. The countdown started. The crowd got louder. The platform started rising. She opened her eyes, She was on the stage and everyone started to cheer. She closed her eyes again.

"There all here for me" She whispered to herself.

She opened her eyes, and she started to sing.


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