Truly, Madly, Deeply (A Harry Styles Love Story)

19 year old Raquel and Harry Styles from One Direction are both teenage heart throbs. they have been dating for a year and many people have been hating on raquel since shes dating harry. The words that people say to her ruin her career and her life. Her manager then forbids her to see Harry since he is ruining her career. They kept there relationship but it wont be for long.


55. Strong

Cara walked towards the hospital to see Harry leaning against the brick wall. She walked towards him.

"Harry? Why are you out here?"

"Ive done something I didn't mean to do"

"What did you do"

"Go in and look for yourself" he nudged his head towards the white doors. His head still faced the ground.

She walked through the doors to see James being put on a stretcher and Grace crying as they pushed him down the hall. She stood there in shock. She went outside again.

"Did you kill him?" She whispered.

"I didn't mean to" He refused to meet her eyes.


"He shot her!"

"Who is he anyways"

"You should now since your her manager"

"Well I don't stalk her love life"

"Really? That's why you tried to ruin our relationship"

"Just tell me who is he?"

"He's her ex" He clenched his fists "He was the one who brought me to the hospital"


They heard police sirens coming closer, She turned her head to see the Police coming into the driveway she looked back at Harry to see that was no longer leaning against the wall. 2 cop went into the hospital to investigate the crime scene. The asked the boys questions about what they saw, but the refused to answer. They didn't want to give up one of their bests friends to the police. Cara went into the hospital and as soon as she went in they asked her questions as well. The door slammed open. Harry was in the doorway covered in dirt.

"I-I di-"

"I did it! Grace said.

Grace just took the blame for doing that to James. They brought her hands behind her back and cuffed them together. They pushed her outside of the hospital. They put her into the police car. Harry watched as the car left the parking lot.


It was midnight, the boys left and Harry was the only one left in the waiting room. His elbows leaned on his thighs and his hands combed his hair as he stared at the ground. He would occasionally pick up his head to see the clock but it seemed like time froze. He was tired of waiting but he didn't want to leave. He only stood up just to walk around to keep him awake. Once he sat back down, Then one of the nurses came into the room.

"How is she?" He asked.

"She isn't doing so great"

The smile on Harry's face slowly disappeared

"We removed the bullet successfully but the copper of the bullet brought bacteria into her body. She is in critical condition at this point"

Harry didn't respond

"Were sorry but we don't think she is going to make it"


Once he returned to his seat, his phone rang.

"Hello" His raspy voice answered.

"Are you alright?" Liam asked.

"Yeah" He said rubbing his eyes.

"How is she?"

"She's in critical condition, they don't think she's going to make it" He struggled to say

"She's strong, this wont kill her"

"I know she's going to be alright"

Harry closed his eyes, when Liam spoke to Harry he did not respond due to the fact that Harry feel asleep

"Harry?" Liam asked

He suddenly woke up.

"What yeah"

"Why don't you come back to the hotel to sleep for a couple of hours then go back"

"I have to wait for her"

"She probably wont be out for another couple of hours"

"Ill just stay here, I don't care if I have to stay all night"

"Is anyone with you"


"Do you want all of us to come accompany you"

"Its fine, id rather be alone"

"Alright, call us if you need something"


He hung up the phone and rested his head back looking at the ceiling. Without realizing it he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Several hours later, he woke up to the someone tapping him. He opened his eyes to see the one of the nurses right in front of him.

"I assume you're here for Raquel"

"His eyes widened "How is she, is she ok, can I go see her"

"I'm sorry but you cant at the moment"

"Why not"

She didn't respond

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