Truly, Madly, Deeply (A Harry Styles Love Story)

19 year old Raquel and Harry Styles from One Direction are both teenage heart throbs. they have been dating for a year and many people have been hating on raquel since shes dating harry. The words that people say to her ruin her career and her life. Her manager then forbids her to see Harry since he is ruining her career. They kept there relationship but it wont be for long.


53. Pull The Trigger

Harry looked out on the stage to watch Raquel perform. Every time she smiled, a smile grew on his face. He crossed his arms as he leaned against the backstage door as he heard her voice and the crowd singing along with every word she said.

"You really love her, don't you"

He turned his head to see her manager standing next to him.

"She's my everything" he looked back out on the stage.

"I can tell"

"I'm sorry for calling you a bitch earlier, I was just annoyed of what you did"

"Its alright, and I'm sorry for doing that to the both of you.....I thought she was always crying because of you"

"Have you seen the messages she received?"


Harry handed her his phone to show her what they called her.

"I still cant believe how she always has a smile on her face after reading those comments"

"who has the nerve to call someone this"

"Now you know why I was always with her"

"Wow, I didn't know it was this bad"

"You didn't realize that when she almost died at one of her concerts"

"I didn't think it was because of all of this"

"Do you know why she got another tour bus"


"Her tour bus got vandalized, they wrote names on their that no one wants to read about themselves"

"Oh my-"

someone started shouting her name

"Cara, we need you!"

she turned around to see the stage producers struggling with the lighting. She handed back his phone and went to help them. He slipped his phone in his back pocket and continued to watch her perform and dance around on stage. The stage doors swung open. He turned around to see a familiar face walking towards him. She had long blond hair and was wearing a tight black mini skirt with a loose tank top and high heels. She was the girl he was caught cheating with

"Hi Harry!"

she ran towards him with her opens spread wide for a hug. She squeezed him and tried to kiss him. He backed himself away from her.

"Hey Grace"

"I missed you so much"


"You didn't miss me"

"why are you here?"

"I cant see my boyfriend?"

"I'm not your boyfriend, ok,"

"But the magazine said it all"

"That's what the public saw, they didn't know that you held my hand and kissed me as soon as they all jumped in our faces?" He turned his head back to the stage. "How did you get in"

"I got a backstage pass and also I told them I'm a friend of yours"

"So you paid more than $100 to see someone that you don't even like"

"I paid that much to see you"

She started to get closer to him, she put her hand on his chest. Raquel turned around and saw him with her.

He put her hand away from his chest.

"Just stop, you ruined my whole relationship before, I don't want that to happen again"

"We cant be friends"

"I told you, I don't want to risk our relationship"

"So you would pick her rather than me"

"I don't love you and I never did"

"I thought we had something"

"That was all up in your head"

"Ok fine, something is going to happen to her just watch"

"okay bye" She turned around and headed towards the door. "Whore" he whispered under his breath.

She finally left Him alone, Harry didn't listen to her final words since he didn't believe she would do anything.

She left backstage and started to walk up the stairs to her seats. She pulled out her phone and started to call someone

"Hello" A male voice answered

"Do it"

"Are you sure" You were able to here the crowd cheering in the background.

"Just do it!"

"If I get in trouble, your coming down with me"

"Just pull the damn trigger!" She shouted.

In a matter of seconds, a gunshot was fired, the crowd screamed, the music stopped playing, the microphone dropped to the stage floor. All you heard was Harry screaming.




just to let everyone know, I am going to write a few more chapters then I am going to end this, I think I wrote a lot of chapters so I will only publish 2 more

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