Truly, Madly, Deeply (A Harry Styles Love Story)

19 year old Raquel and Harry Styles from One Direction are both teenage heart throbs. they have been dating for a year and many people have been hating on raquel since shes dating harry. The words that people say to her ruin her career and her life. Her manager then forbids her to see Harry since he is ruining her career. They kept there relationship but it wont be for long.


34. Forbidden

In the morning, Raquel was loading her bags on her tour bus to head to Tokyo. Lauren and Kathryn both went back to America  at midnight, now Raquel is going to be traveling alone. As soon as she finished loading her bags, they drove out of the hotels parking lot and they were off to Tokyo. The boys had to stay since they were going to have a few more concerts until they go to Tokyo. Raquel went in the back off the tour bus and sat on the couch. She started to play on her phone when her manager called her.


She lifted herself off the couch and made her way to the front of the bus.

"Yeah" Raquel answered.

"What are you doing in the back of the bus?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to be alone"

"You weren't talking to Harry?"


"I just want to show you something."

She turned her laptop around to show Raquel pictures of her and Harry from their date at the carnival.

"I thought you don't like him anymore"

She was starting to sound like Lauren and Kathryn.

"I don't, that was from a long time ago"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah......Can I go now?"

"Yeah, go"

Raquel walked back to the end of the bus but she was stopped by the words that came out of her manager's mouth.

"I don't want you too see or talk to him anymore or else I'm taking you out of the music business"

Raquel stood there for several seconds then she continued to walk She laid on the couch as she looked out the window. She was starting to love Harry again but she wasn't allowed to see him anymore. She got up and went to get her bag. She rummaged through her bag then she pulled out the DVD that Harry gave her. She went back to TV and inserted the video. She laid on the couch as she watched all the good times they had. She started to tear since she misses him. In the middle of the video her phone went off. She wiped her tears and answered her phone.

"Hello?" Raquel answered

"Hey babe"

Raquel eyes widened as she heard his raspy voice.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked.

"I cant see you anymore"


Raquel hung up the phone since she didn't want to stop doing her dream. Harry stared at his phone as the call ended. Raquel deleted him from her contacts, she continued to watch the video. As soon as she heard her manager walking towards her, she changed the channel.

"Who called you?"

"Kathryn called."

"Alright, you better not be lying to me" Her manager said as she walked away giggling.

Raquel brought her bag to the couch and she pulled out a ring. She stared at it as a tear ran down her cheek. She still had her promise ring. She through it back into the bag, she got up and walked to her bunk. As she laid down, Harry called her again. Harry paced back and force waiting for her to answer. Tears went down her cheek as she watched her phone flash across Harry's number across her screen.


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