Taking A Final Stand

Chantal LeBlanc, a 14 year-old from Toulouse, France, has been bullied all of her life. She's finally had enough. She's changed schools, MJCs (a program for French students who are interested in extracurricular), and towns, just to get away, but it's no use. She's decided to move to London, England, where her pen pal, Niall Horan, lives. Niall's heard about her amazing musical talents, but now, he gets to see it for himself, as she has to audition, in order to enroll in a performing arts school; the exact same performing arts school that Niall attends. Will she rise above and beyond the obstacles that lay ahead? Or will she fall so hard, she can't see the light , at the end of the tunnel?


5. Concussion

All I hear are Liam's, Zayn's, and Niall's voices, as we make it to the ER.

"Niall, stop crying!" I hear Liam say.

"I can't help it!" Niall replies. "I just met this girl, in person, and I feel like I've been struck by Cupid's arrow. I don't want to lose her."

"So, what you're saying is you just met her, but you think you love her?" Zayn asks, hoping for a sense of clarification. 

"That's exactly it!" Niall answers, sweetly. "I just wish I could tell her." I can feel them loading me onto a stretcher, as a tear flows down my face. I start to open my eyes. Just the slightest bit hurts me. I see Niall, crying, as we make it to an Orthopedic Trauma room.

"You're awake!" Niall replies.

"Niall, where am I?" I ask, looking for an answer.

"We're at the hospital. The doctors are going to do a CT scan on your head, to see what's going on." I glance at him, and start to cry.

"Where are the rest of the boys?" I ask.

"Well, Louis, Liam, and Zayn are in the waiting room. Harry is explaining what happened to the doctors. You'll be okay, Chantal."

"You promise?"

"I promise." The technician comes into the room, and brings me to the CT scan area. The lights from the machine blind me for a few seconds. When the scan is finished, the technician brings me back to the room, where Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry are waiting, anxiously, for me to return.

"Chantal, how are you feeling?" Louis replies, as soon as they bring the stretcher into the room.

"Dizzy." I answer.

"Lay back, Chantal." Niall replies. "Just, don't close your eyes."

"Why can't I close my eyes?" I ask.

"I was talking with the doctor." Harry answers, sadly. "They're thinking you have a concussion." The doctor comes in, and looks directly at me.

"Chantal," he says, cautiously. "you do, in fact, have a concussion. I want you to rest. Are your parents home?"

"No." Niall answers. "They went to Italy. Her mom has a huge fashion show, so they're going to be there for a couple weeks. A couple months, at the most."

"Would you boys be able to check up on her?" The doctor asks.

"We'll stay with her, until her parents come back." Liam replies. Niall picks me up, as Zayn grabs my aftercare instructions. 

"Will she be able to sleep, doctor?" Zayn asks.

"Yes." He answers. "Just keep a close eye on her."

"We will." Zayn answers, as we head back to the Jeep. Everyone piles in, as Harry gets ready to drive up back home.

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