Taking A Final Stand

Chantal LeBlanc, a 14 year-old from Toulouse, France, has been bullied all of her life. She's finally had enough. She's changed schools, MJCs (a program for French students who are interested in extracurricular), and towns, just to get away, but it's no use. She's decided to move to London, England, where her pen pal, Niall Horan, lives. Niall's heard about her amazing musical talents, but now, he gets to see it for himself, as she has to audition, in order to enroll in a performing arts school; the exact same performing arts school that Niall attends. Will she rise above and beyond the obstacles that lay ahead? Or will she fall so hard, she can't see the light , at the end of the tunnel?


12. Can't Sleep

We, finally, make it back home, and the only thing running through my mind is this; Why did they decide to take me to the MJC in the first place? It keeps me up all night. Niall sleeps like a rock, next to me. Meanwhile, here I am, wide awake from racing thoughts. I walk downstairs, only to find Harry awake, too. 

"Chantal, what are you doing up?" He asks, concerned.

"Racing thoughts. What about you?" I sit down, next to him, as he puts on my favorite movie; The Hunger Games.

"Just can't sleep. The thought that you were upset, on your birthday, woke me up." 

"It wasn't because I was upset. It was just... the memories rushing back." I look at Harry.

"You and Niall are perfect together." He says. "Everything about you is exactly like him." I hear him sigh, and yawn.

"You okay, Harry?" I ask, nervously.

"I'm fine. Just tired, finally. I'm going to get some sleep." I smile, checking the time. It's 3 am. 

"I think I'm going to go to bed, too. Goodnight, Harry!"

"Goodnight, Chantal!" He walks upstairs, and I follow. I walk to mine and Niall's room, and I try to fall asleep. I can't, though, because Niall keeps mumbling "Food... Where are you food? I want Nando's..." in his sleep.I close my eyes, and lay my head on his chest, thinking it's a pillow. Tomorrow, I get to share with him the only bit of news that makes me happy; My audition for enrollment into London Academy of the Arts is only a week away.

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