Picking Up the Pieces (Sequel to Broken)

Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall have had a painful passed two years since the suicide. They all turn to music as a way to cope with it all. When the X-Factor comes to te UK and they all audition to make a career of their talent, some unexpected things happen: such as forming a group. What will happen when they're all thrown together? Will they be able to pick up the pieces, or will they remain Broken?


3. Chapter Two

Liam's POV

I get up early as usual and gussy up a bit. I want to look nice for the audition. I want to look like the star that I know I can be. I dressed in a white v-neck, some black straight jeans, that I tucked into some black boots. It was dressy and casual. I looked pretty good.

I walked downstairs to find my mum already dressed in the small kitchen making breakfast. I swear she was more excited than me. I was excited and all, but she booked the hotel a month before we even had to think of it. Then, she made me practice twice a day, everyday. I was going to practice on my own just not that much. Then, there was song choosing. We sat down for almost two days straight and contemplated song choice. Like I said, she was really into it. I think it's because she knew I needed this to possibly heal. She knows I still have feelings for Liv, and that I still want to be with her...and musics all that keeps me grounded. It keeps me sane.

We ate some toast an tea, well I picked at it. I was still extremely nervous. I couldn't face rejection a second time I needed to make it this time. We finished up breakfast and left. My best mate Andy decided to come along and met us there at the audition spot. We sat there for what seemed like ages until we heard, "Liam Payne." It was my time to shine.

I walked onto the stage, palms sweating, confidence shaking. I was really nervous. I honestly wasn't sure what I'd do if I messed this up. "Hello Liam," I hear Simon greet me. "Long time no see," I responded forcing a smile for the camera. I couldn't seem nervous. "How long ago were you on the show?" Louie asked smiling at me. "Two years," I answer the smile never leaving my face. My anxiety and nerves were building. Soon the small talk would end and the singing would begin. "Has it really been two years?" Simon asked honestly not realizing it. "Yeah, two years," I say with a light laugh. "Alright, well what are you going to be singing for us today?" Louie asked. "Cry Me A River," I say looking down. I was having trouble now. This meant I had to start singing in seconds. "Lets see what you've got...again," Simon said as the music began.

I gripped the microphone and prayed I sang my best. The intro played out and I started to sing. I belted the first notes out and the crowd went wild, my confidence skyrocketed. I sang the song with all my heart. I put everything I had into it. The lyrics just flew out of me, without stopping. I could've been singing the wrong song, but I could care less the crowd was going wild, and I felt great.

Finally, the song ended and The crowd gave me a standing ovation. Even Simon did, I was feeling better and better about my performance. Much better. All the judges said great things about my voice and I just smiled and said my thanks. "I was right....you weren't ready. But you definitely are now," Simon commented smiling at me. Sort of in a proud way. The smile in face spread ear to ear. I've been waiting to hear that for what seems likes now. It felt so good. "Lets vote now shall we?" Louie asked them. They all nodded.

"It's a yes, you're going through to boot camp. Good job," Simon said still smiling. I yelled some unintelligent thank and ran off the stage right into my mums arms. "Brilliant, really. I think it's time for that fresh start," she whispered in my ear. "I think so too," I responded, still hugging her tightly. I was one step closer to closure...it was all going to be okay. I just wish Libby was here to see it..

Harry's POV
"Harry get your lazy bum down here! We need to go now!" Mum yelled up the stairs to me. I groaned and went through the routine. Dressing a bit fancier though for the occasion. I had to look professional. So I put on a gray long sleeved cardigan, a white v-neck, a brown scarf, some black straight jeans, and my white converse. It was good enough.

"Harry Edward Styles! You've got about five seconds before I whoop your behind! Get down here!" My mum roared and I heard Gemma laugh at me. "I'm coming!" I yelled back, running down the stairs. "You take just about as long as a girl," Gemma remarked opening the door. I just playfully scowled at her.

We drove to the X-Factor making small talk. I wasn't scared or nervous. I knew I was a good singer, and I could do this. We walked up to the sign in and the girl working it started to immediately flirt with me. "Why hello there," she said with a wink. "Hi," I said casually. "You're pretty cute," she commented checking me out. "Yeah, I know," I said with a cheeky grin. She just giggled and continued to comment on my appearances. That's all anyone ever liked about me anymore. Libby never did that but...I guess it's better than nothing.....

"Well, good luck. Call me sometime," she said handing me a slip of paper. I wasn't going to though. I had to stay focused in this. It was my passion, and that came first for me. I sat down and waited and waited. I was becoming impatient. I just wanted to audition already. "Harry Styles," some techy finally called.

I walked onto the stage and gave all of them my signature cheeky grin and waited for them to speak. "Hello, what is your name?" Simon asked politely. "I'm Harry," I said still smiling, earning a roar from the crowd. The judges chuckled. "Do you have any prior music experience?" Asked the one judge named...Louie? I'm not sure. "I'm in the White Eskimos," I said as if they should know who my hometown band was. "Alright, well what will you be singing for us today?" Simon asked after the crowd calmed down a bit. "Isn't She Lovely, by Stevie Wonders," I said waiting for them to give me the go. Simon simply nods and I start.

"Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?" I hear the crowd roar and I get lost in the music. I sing and sing until I see Simons hand go up. I didn't know if that was good or bad, but I did know that it meant stop. So I did with a smile. I was pleased with my performance. "I like you, but I don't think you have the confidence or maturity level yet," Louie said honestly. I just nod and bite my lip..I was starting to get a bit nervous....

I heard some boos in the crowd and calmed back down. "I heard someone in the audience say 'rubbish' and I totally agree with them. I like you, and with a little bit of vocal training, you could be big," Simon disagreed with a smile. They all looked at each other an silently decided to vote. The moment of truth...
"I have my doubts, but I do like your voice..so it'll be a yes for me," Louie said.
"You've got yourself four yes's. We'll see you at boot camp," Simon said smiling at me. I stood for a moment in purr disbelief. I made it..I made it...it sunk in and I started to jump around like a bloke but could care less. I was so happy! I ran off the stage and hugged me mum and Gemma. "It's your time to shine Haz," my mum whispered into my curls. She was right, it was and I wasn't missing it for the world.

Zayn's POV

My mum drove me to the auditions. Having taken me to countless auditions, she knew better than to talk to me. I tried to focus when getting ready this morning, but I couldn't so I pretty much threw on what I saw. I didn't really care that much either because it all came down to my voice. I was really nervous, but I had to get over it.

I signed up and sat and waited. I sat there and each second passing felt like ages. I couldn't shake this. I started to fiddle with my hands and try not to completely break down. I had to do this...well maybe I didn't....Mum would understand...I know libby would want me too...but I couldn't do this...yes I could...no...yes...maybe?"Zayn Malik," a man called forcing me to suck it up and go on.

I walked onto the stage already started to freeze up. There were so many people...and the judges...they were so close..."Hello what is your name and what will you be singing?" Asked Simon with a reassuring smile. I guess he could tell I was nervous. "I-I'm Zayn and I will be singing Let Me Love You," I replied looking around. I couldn't look them in the eye.."Whenever your ready," Simon said just as the music started.

I waited for my time to come in and when I did..I started softy and sweetly but grew more passionate as the song did. "Baby you should let me Love you..." I finished looking up at the smiling judges. "Fabulous voice, you just need the confidence," the man on the end opposite of Simon said. "I agree," said the woman next to him. "I have to agree with the two of them, but I do like you. I could see you going far," Simon said thoughtfully. Wait Simon Cowell could see ME going far? Even if I don't make it, walking away with that comment would be amazing. "Time to vote," Simon said. 'Brace yourself...' I mentally tell myself.

"You have three yes's, well see you at boot camp," Simon said with a smile.

Wait did they all say yes...? All three of them...they did...I heard....that means....I made it! The tears start to fall down my cheeks. I was so happy...I just couldn't help it. "Thank you," I said finally walking off the stage right into my mothers arms. There was nothing to say to me. We both new this was a new beginning for me and it was going to be great.

Louis's POV

My mum had to take care of the girls so I went by myself. I was okay with it though. It gave me more time to think about my performance. I dressed simply in a white dress shirt, black tie, black trousers, and some black Toms. No one was going to see my shoes so why not wear some comfortable ones.

I drove listening to the radio and not singing like I normally would. I didn't want to lose my voice. I wanted to be perfect. I knew I could do it. Before I knew it, I was there. I walked up to the sign up desk and went through the motions there. I sat down and waited...and waited...and waited some more. "Louis Tomlinson," a guy called for me. I jumped up and earned a few giggles from fellow contestants. "I'm excited I can't help it!" I yell running for the stage.

"Hi I'm Louis Tomlinson and I am going to sing 'Hey There Delilah,' hope you enjoy," I get out before starting.

"Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York City
I'm a thousand miles away but girl to tonight you look do pretty, yes you do
Times Square can't shine as bright as you, I swear it's true.
Ohhhh, it's what you do to me
Ohhhhhh, it's what you do to me, what you do to me
Oh-" I was cut off by seeing Simons hand fly up.
"Yes," he simply states.
"Yes," says Cher.
"Yes," finalizes the other Louie.

"Thank you so much!" I yell running off the stage. I hugged the random techy guy backstage. I just needed to hug someone! U couldn't help it. I started to laugh like a maniac and run in circles. Libby would be so proud of me. My dreams were finally coming true. Life was coming back. I was coming back.

Nialls POV

My mum of course makes me a huge breakfast of sausage, hot cakes, bacon, and potatoes. I smile and think, 'Potatoes gonna potate,' Libby's saying...I sigh and continue eating though. I will be okay again. Once I make the X-Factor. "Niall lets go dear!" Mum said from the door. I jumped up from my seat and started towards the door. Once we were in the car I couldn't sit still. I was just so anxious to get there and make it all happen. I wanted this so badly. I needed this so badly. "Niall James Horan! Calm down!" My mum barked at me. I stilled myself and hung my head in shame. She just laughed at me, "I'm sorry but it was getting quite annoying dear!" I smiled and laughed a bit.

We pulled into the location and I started to get a bit more nervous. I held it in though. I knew I could do this. I had it in me. Mum and I sat making small talk. Finally the time came though, "Niall Horan." My mum hugged me and whispered, "You can do this my little leprechaun." I smiled and walked towards the stage.

Once I got up on the stage girls started to cheer. I smiled at all of them. "Hello and who are you?" Asked Simon smiling a bit. "Niall Horan," I responded excited. I really couldn't wait to start my song. "What will you be singing for us?" Asked Louie. "Sick by Neyo," I answered excitedly. "The stage is yours Niall," Simon said with a laugh at my excitement.

I started to sing and it was going really well. Everyone was clapping along and dancing around it was great. I felt like y performance was great. I was going to get through. "Stop," Simon said putting his hand up. I started to get nervous...then calmed. He did that with everyone, right?

"You know, I really like your how charismatic you are, but your voice needs a lot of work," Louie commented. I could feel my smile fading. I just nodded, no words would come out of my mouth. "I just don't think your mature enough, and neither is your voice," Katy said with a slight frown. "I like you, and I think we could work on your voice if you're willing to put the effort in," Simon said sort of...offering. "I am, one hundred and ten percent," I promised softly.

They all sat in contemplation for a moment. Then Simon finally spoke up, "It's a yes for me. I believe your voice can be great." I smiled at his vote, it meant a lot that he believed in me. "I'm sorry Niall, your cute, your charismatic, your funny, but your voice right now just isn't there. So, it's a no for me," Katy said smiling sadly. I could feel tears forming, but I refused to let them fall. It was all up to Louie....

"There's something about you that I like..and I hope you'll keep good on your promise...because its a yes for me," Louie said with a smile. "Thank you!" I cried running backstage to my mum. We hugged and hugged. "Ni, I'm so proud of you," she cooed in my ear. I smiled and hugged her tighter. For once, my future seemed bright.
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