Picking Up the Pieces (Sequel to Broken)

Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall have had a painful passed two years since the suicide. They all turn to music as a way to cope with it all. When the X-Factor comes to te UK and they all audition to make a career of their talent, some unexpected things happen: such as forming a group. What will happen when they're all thrown together? Will they be able to pick up the pieces, or will they remain Broken?


16. Chapter Twelve

Harry's POV

   I sighed and mentally facepalmed myself for saying that..why did I say that? Now I'd have to tell them. "Harry, what do you feel guilty about?" Louis demanded snapping me out of my mental scolding. "Erm...well basically..." I started unsure of my words. I didn't know what would be right to say, and what I should keep to myself...but was there really any right way to say this? Was there really anything I could keep secret? There wasn't...it had to all come out, right here, right now..

    "Well, I guess what I'm guilty about is giving..." I paused to gulp, feeling my throat go dry at the thought..."For giving Libby's number to..to...Danielle..." I said quickly, and the effect it had on the boys were immediate. They all got very angry and hurt expressions, they were obviously still in shock though, cause they were speechless. So, I continued on.n"Then..then I shagged her.." I muttered, the tears starting to fall slowly down my cheeks. "After that, we worked to split up Liam and L-Libby. I didn't want to after I did, but I-I couldn't take that back.." I muttered looking down ashamed. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but it wasn't going to be good...


   The silence killed me, it was so quiet and crushing. I couldn't take it, it hurt so bad. I wanted to look up at them and how pained their expressions were..I wanted to see how bad I hurt I them. I tried and tried to look up, but my head seem weighed down by the shame. The realization that I lost all respect that I gained from them. All the diganity that I held as a person, disappeared. My pride was crushed, I could never undo this. I could never make up for it.


   When I finally looked up, I saw four crushed boys. None of them could look me in the eye, not that I would be able too either, but I just felt the need for them too. So they could see the shame and hate I now hold for myself. I wanted them to see the remorse I held, how I wanted to take it all back.."Harry.." Louis muttered with big,wet tears streaming down his face. NIall cried loudly, with big heaves as if every breath killed him. Zayn shook his head and fought and uphill battle with his tears. Liam..


    Liam was the hardest to look at..his expression killed me a million times over..it truly broke my heart. He looked so sad and angry, like he wanted to kill something, then cry over it's dead body. I wouldn't be surprise if he was picturing me honestly..I needed to spoligze..maybe he would calm down enough to let me talk...


   "Liam, I'm really, really sorry..I didn't me-" I was cut off by something coming at my face. I felt the sting before the actual punch, not from contact, but from what I've done....the last thing I feel is Liam's fist painfully contacting with my face.


~Author's Note~

Hey Lovelies!
Sorry, been having technical difficulties. So if there's random letters here and there, just ignore it and keep reading. Haha. I will definitely try and fix them. Sorry for any confusion. You like the drama? Things are starting to finally pick up! Tell me what you think. I'd really love to know, so if you're reading this..comment!<3 LOVE YOU GUYS!<333

Stay Lovely My Lovelies,

-Ashley(: xx <3

P.S Thanks for being...well you<3

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