Picking Up the Pieces (Sequel to Broken)

Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall have had a painful passed two years since the suicide. They all turn to music as a way to cope with it all. When the X-Factor comes to te UK and they all audition to make a career of their talent, some unexpected things happen: such as forming a group. What will happen when they're all thrown together? Will they be able to pick up the pieces, or will they remain Broken?


9. Chapter Six

Louis's POV

"You're Louis Tomlinson right?" Asked someone from behind me. "Yes," I said turning around I face the tech girl. "Simon needs to see you to go meet the others at Starbucks for a meeting," she said curtly. I smiled and nodded, "thanks love!" She just smiled and walked away.

I walked down the hall and into the parking garage to get into my car to drive there. Once I was in the car and on my way I wondered how all the boys felt about this Starbucks meeting. I know they all wanted to sing, but this bad? I wanted to patch things up with the lads, but thinking about it..it seemed next to impossible. We were all so hurt by what happened, and it would be hard to talk about it with them and all...but I guess what was what was going to happen today.

When I got myself into this..I was confident that I would be able to do this, but as I gripped the door handle, my confidence shook. I was now very unsure...but I had to think of my dream..and lets face it, I missed those boys. I gulped down the doubt and slowly opened the door. I saw all the boys sitting awkwardly at a table with their coffees. I walked over and sat down on the chair in between Harry and Liam. "Hey mates," I said smiling. They all waved half-heartedly. It was really awkward for a few minutes. We all just sat there silently not sure where to start exactly. "Well this is awkward," I mumbled, hating the silence.

We all simultaneously burst out laughing. I smiled and looked at all of the lads. "So how has everyone been?" I asked nervously, deciding it was a good place to start. They all looked down and I realized this was going to be harder than I thought.

Liam's POV

How have I been? How have I been? Pretty suicidal if you ask me. My life has been a living hell for the passed two years. I missed Liv so much it physically and mentally hurt. I used to live an breathe her, when she toke her life she took mine too. I was living on nothing. I didn't even have my Little Henry, he got taken away too. I think about it and it may seem like Im a prick, being more hurt by my girlfriends death than my own brothers, but I knew Henry's time was coming. Liv's came out of nowhere.

I looked down at my hands and noticed that I was fiddling with them nervously. I honestly couldn't tell them the truth..they'd never understand. She meant a lot to all of us, and even if they missed her they weren't living in it like I was. They may have loved her, but not like I did. They'd never understand so I stayed quiet.

Nialls POV

I was waiting for someone to start, but since no one else was. I decided that I should. They would definately understand what I was going through. "Well, I've been pretty sad honestly," I answered Lou. The boys looked up and their expressions were quite shocking. Harry was basically scoffing at me, Liam looked disgusted, Zayn was just shaking his head. So maybe they wouldn't understand. "I have been, I miss her..." I trail off, explaining honestly.

I was honestly getting pretty upset. They were already mad at me and we haven't even started talking yet. I feel a hand on my shoulder and see Louis switched seats with Harry and was now sitting next to me. I silently questioned him with my eyes. "Well if you're the only one who's gonna talk about this, I might as well sit next to you," he explained. I just nod, I can't speak because I know for a fact that I'll cry.

Yeah, I'm a guy who cries. I just can't help it. I get emotional easily. I'm sensitive I guess. "I know Niall, I think we all were," Lou said taking my side. Liam started to shake his head and get up. "Woah, Liam sit down. Lets talk about this," Louis reasoned pushing him back down. "Why should I? Ever time I do, I hurt more and more. Every time I see you guys it's like someone's ripping my heart out all over again!" He yelled at us, tears forming.

I was shocked by this, I knew Liam had a hard time with this, hell he tried to kill himself, but I didn't know it was this severe..."Liam," Harry whispered looking at him. "I'm sorry that it was this bad for you," he continued staring intently at him. "It doesn't matter...I'll have to get over this sometime...I just wish it wouldn't be this way," Liam answered bitterly. Zayn sighed and looked at him. "Do you think any of us honestly wanted this?" He sounded highly annoyed honestly. "Then why are we doing this?! Huh? If none of you wanted this, then why don't we just go home and forget about it?!" We all looked at him, and I could tell that we were all considering it. He was right...why were we doing this?

-authors note- hey lovelies! Sorry I know I haven't updated much, but I've had major writers block. Some things came up with certain people...but that...ugh whatever. Anyways, us like so far? Ou like the chapter? Lemme know(: I may be updating later, mos likely. I don't know. But yeah, Christmas in three days?! Ah! Where did te month go....
Thanks to all of you amazing people though! I'm so thankful for all f you supporting my writing! It's amazing really(: you have made my Christmas! LOVE YOU GUYS!<3
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