Picking Up the Pieces (Sequel to Broken)

Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall have had a painful passed two years since the suicide. They all turn to music as a way to cope with it all. When the X-Factor comes to te UK and they all audition to make a career of their talent, some unexpected things happen: such as forming a group. What will happen when they're all thrown together? Will they be able to pick up the pieces, or will they remain Broken?


1. Chapter One

Liam's POV

It's been two hard years since the day I tried to end my life. I wanted out so bad...I wanted to be with her I still do...but unfortunately my mum found me and well...now she never lets me out of her sight. They keep telling me that time heals all wounds. Mine are still wide open...I still can't get her out of my head. I just loved her so much...I still do.

Anyways, once the hospital said that I would be okay with some therapy, we moved to Wolverhampton. My dad was now back into my life. It only took my little brother being deathly ill for him to man up. I still resented him, but I tolerated it. He made Mum happy, even in this situation. My life is like a prison now, and I now only have one escape: music.

I take college courses in music and Im looking to further in the music business. Maybe become a solo artist. I'm not sure, I just want out of here. I want to start over. The X-factor rejected me the first time, but I wasn't a quitter. I was going back and this time they were going to love me.

Harry's POV

Two years of pure pain and guilt. It consumed me and I had nowhere to go with it. I couldn't tell anyone. Danielle was already facing charges, but she didn't tell on me. She knows it was her fault. I'm happy she's getting punished like that. She can vent there, everyone knows what she did. The punishment I was facing was much worse.

I was also frustrated all the time. I had no where to go and no one to talk to. Sure, I had friends, but I couldn't talk to anyone about this. Ever. I never wanted to be around people, but I had to seem normal. I had to forget about it. I had to move on. The promises I kept breaking...she wanted me to remember. How could I move on with that though?! I couldn't. I'm sorry Libby...

Anyways, I fell into the popular crowd. I started to get into music. I actually started a new band with my mates. It's called White Eskimo. I'm the lead singer because I'm pretty talented, but my mates aren't too serious about it. They do it for the girls...I do it for the passion. I love music. It is my passion. It's what makes me happy.

For the past two years the only thing I've wanted to do was hit it big and leave. I never wanted to turn back, I wanted my past to disappear. I was just waiting for the right time. When I found out that the X-factor auditions were soon, I didn't hesitate to sign up. It was a way out, and I could have the music career I've always wanted.

Nialls POV

I miss Libby more and more as the days go on. Especially since I moved back the Mullingar and now face the memories of the suicide I caused....it hurt, but people kept assuring me it wasn't my fault and I need to get over it. That may seem harsh,but they didn't know about my current situation...they didn't know about her. Nobody but my mum did and she wasn't telling anyone...

I've always loved playing my guitar, but it was now my way of coping. I started to sing now and found out that Im pretty good. I actually want to get into the music business. It may help me and my chance was coming. The X-Factor was coming to the UK. This was my chance and I wasn't going to blow it.

Zayn's POV

I can't believe it's already even two years....and nothing's changed. I still feel the shock and the hurt that I felt the day I opened that envelope. I still go on though. The first few months though were a different story....I shut everyone and everything out. I didn't eat or drink...that's when they hospitalized me and forced it into me. That's when I finally gave in and slowly came back. It was hard but I eventually did it...

I still didn't want anything to do with anyone, but my parents made me enroll in a performing arts school. When I first got there, I didn't really want to participate. Then I realized that I did need to move on, so I slowly eased myself into it, and found that I really did love it. I threw myself into the acting and singing and found that I was decent. I wanted to go somewhere with it.

I wasn't sure where I was going to go with it. I knew what I was going to start. The X-Factor. I was going to audition, and hopefully they'll like me. I'll finally be able to start a new chapter in my life and I felt that The X-Factor was going to give that to me. It was time to start over.

Louis's POV

I ran. And ran, and ran and ran. Unfortunately, they found me though. I had tried to run away from my problems and try to start over. Not a chance, my mum found me and my family and I moved to Doncaster. Since then I have led a semi-normal life. I've made quite a few of friends and started to finally get into singing.

The theatre program at my school was good and I had the traits for an actor, so I got into theatre. I am quite good at it too, if I do say so myself. I couldn't wait to get out of high school and become a drama teacher. That was my goal to become a drama teacher. I still had a couple years though. I couldn't wait.

My friends heard about the X-Factor and now Im starting to have a change of heart...I mean what if I could make it as a solo artist...that would be amazing. Possibly better than being a drama teacher...actually it would be. So much better...I finally decided that I was going to try out for the X-Factor. I was going to be okay again. I was going to be happy again. This was my chance, and I was taking it.
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