Picking Up the Pieces (Sequel to Broken)

Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall have had a painful passed two years since the suicide. They all turn to music as a way to cope with it all. When the X-Factor comes to te UK and they all audition to make a career of their talent, some unexpected things happen: such as forming a group. What will happen when they're all thrown together? Will they be able to pick up the pieces, or will they remain Broken?


20. Chapter Fifteen

Zayn's POV

As we're sitting in the car, I try to keep a straight face. I was more angry and upset than I could let on. I didn't want anyone to know just how much I really did love her. They could never know, especially Liam. He'd knock the living day light out of me like he did Harry. Harry deserved it..actually he deserved so much worse....he deserved to be where Libby is..he deserves what she got! He killed her, he's a mur-"Zayn, were here," Louis said nudging me a bit.

I got out and followed the boys to Simons office. I really didn't want to have this meeting, there was nothing any of us could say to explain what happened today. Fortunately though, Harry would not be joining us. He hasn't come around yet. Liam has a good punch.

We made it to Simons office and immediately went in. We all sat down and came face to face with a very disappointed Simon. We sat in silence for a few moments before he spoke up, "Well what've you got to say for yourselves?" He sounded angry, really angry. I sighed and looked down, not volunteering myself.

"Harry just said something that really upset us all, especially Liam," Louis spoke up saving us from some awkward silence. I was still angry, I just wanted to punch Harry myself..I don't know how he could do that. I really don't! She was so sweet an innocent.."Zayn!" Simon snapped at me. I looked up surprised. "Tell me what Harry told you lot," Simon demanded.

I sucked in my breath and let it out slowly. I could barely think about it in my head, how could my lips form the words? "Well?" Simon said impatiently. "Harry admitted that..that...he..gave Danielle the number..." I said feeling the tears escaping.

I let go of all the frustrations I've had..all the anger. It fell down my face in little droplets. It felt good in the most terrible way. I felt the tiniest bit of closure, but honestly the closure only made me miss her more. I continued to cry, to let it all out, but I tried to hide it as best I could. They didn't need to see this...

"Oh my, I'm so sorry..." Simon whispered empathetically. I really wanted to believe he was sorry, but I couldn't. He wasnt, and it wasnt his fault. You can't be sorry for something you didn't understand. Something you never would...

Nialls POV

Hearing Zayn say it, it brings back the steady flow of tears I was trying to stop. I just couldn't though, it hurt so bad hearing this. That someone who loved her so much, could hurt her this bad. It seemed unreal...it was unreal.

Things like this just reminded me of Mike..the kid I killed. I didn't realize what I was doing to him with my words..I didn't know what happened to him at home. Harry knew..Harry meant what he did I didn't...


"Eh Mike! Looking fancy in those khakis today!" I joked at him smiling. He smiled shyly back and looked down. I saw some pain cross his face, or maybe he just was uncomfortable. It did have to be awkward being an openly gay guy in an all boys school. I joked with him to make him feel better. More fit in.

-a few months later, still flashback-

"15 year old Micheal McGarthen hangs himself late last night leaving only a note saying 'A joke to you, is the death of another.' Our hearts go out to the family of the bullied boy." I clicked off the TV and put my head in my hands. I started to cry..I did this..I did this...all my fault..the pain..it was crushing..the guilt killed me...I- "Niall are you alright?" Simon asked asking me away from my own personal hell.

I wiped my tears and nodded, Simon looked skeptical but got to the point anyways. "Guys, I'm sorry to say this, but you guys obviously can't work out as a group. You're all amazingly talented but you're gonna end up killing each other. We're going to let you perform on the first show, but after that I'm sorry, your journeys over," Simon said bluntly.

I processed what he said and my heart dropped: it was over just like that?

-Authors Note-

I kept my promise! I hope you like this chapter...things are starting..oh! And the flashback with Niall, I don't know if you remember the first book how I vaguely talked about their pasts. Well here's a little fast of Nialls, tell me what you thinks! Thanks for all the reads and support. I know I haven't been the best lately, and it hasn't been that good, but I'm thankful that you guys are so supportive and are sticking with it! I love you all so much for it! You're all so beautiful an perfect, don't forget it! LOVE YOU ALL!<333

Stay Lovely My Lovelies,
-Ashley(: xx <3
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