Picking Up the Pieces (Sequel to Broken)

Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall have had a painful passed two years since the suicide. They all turn to music as a way to cope with it all. When the X-Factor comes to te UK and they all audition to make a career of their talent, some unexpected things happen: such as forming a group. What will happen when they're all thrown together? Will they be able to pick up the pieces, or will they remain Broken?


14. Chapter Eleven

Liam's POV


They all stared at me wide-eyed and speechless. They were obviously lost for words, and waiting for a an explanation I wasn't about to give. An awkward silence fell upon us and I just sat there, too upset and angry to speak. Finally, Lou spoke up though. "Liam, you can't mean that...it..it's not..no. You loved her.." Louis trails off, looking down in denial. "Yeah Liam, it was actually quite unhealthy," Niall tried to joke, failing miserably. I just stare at them, not knowing the right words to express what I was feeling right now. "Mate, you know that running awa from your past isn't going to work. Eventually it will catch up to you," Zayn says putting a comfroting hand onf shoulder. I sigh, knowing that he is completely right.."I know," I reply quietly, barely audible. I hear Harry sigh angrily and I look up at him as he says, "Then stop being a prick and man up. You don't even seem like you love her when you talk like that!"


    "No, no. I loved her more than anything, more thatn life itself. But at the same time, I FUCKING HATE HER!" I yell at them, my feelings spilling out with each shouted word. It was true, part of me did hate her for leaving me. She knew how much I loved her, how much I wanted to keep her. I didn't want her to g~~o, I just wanted her back. If she hadn't gone, I wouldn't be like this, so distant and angry. So spiteful of the world. She left me so defeated and broken.."She left me with nothing! Absolutely noting, no one!" I yell louder, looking at their speechless expressions. "This is all her fault! I don't want to be like this! I dont want to hhurt, so broken, so empty.." I trail off, the tears finally falling. I keep my head down and let myself hurt, ad not hide it. I wasn't ashamed anymore, this was how I felt and it wasn't changing anytime soon unfortunately. "Liam, are you serious?! I loved her too! More than you know, but not once do I ever think I hate her!" Harry yells, the other boys to shocked and hurt to speak.


   "I'm sure you did! You did try to break us up in the beginning by kissing her!" I accuse angroly, the tears still in constant motion down my face. He lookeddisgusted for a minute, "Yeah, you know she kissed me right?" He said smirking. I wanted to punch him, right then and there. "Harry.."Louis warned seeing my expression. "Well he hasabsolutely no clue how much I want her back! How the guilt eats away at me every second, of every day!" He yelled at Lou, tears starting to form in his green eyes. I was just about to accuse him of  not knowing what it was like to actually want something you can't have, and then his words sunk in, what was he guilty about?



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