Picking Up the Pieces (Sequel to Broken)

Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall have had a painful passed two years since the suicide. They all turn to music as a way to cope with it all. When the X-Factor comes to te UK and they all audition to make a career of their talent, some unexpected things happen: such as forming a group. What will happen when they're all thrown together? Will they be able to pick up the pieces, or will they remain Broken?


23. Chapter Eighteen

Liam's POV

"Alright boys! That was good!" Billy praised us as we finished up our number. He shook his head chuckling softly, "I don't know what you guys did, but it really changed you guys. You guys are amazing!" He exclaimed. All of smiled back in a stiff, awkward sort of way, fidgeting with our hands a bit. "Alright, well lunch," Billy said with a clap of his hands.

I wasn't up much for eating, things NEEDED to be perfect. There was no way they couldn't be. We were being held on a shorter leash, there was a good chance we were going home this week anyways. I don't want that, Libby doesn't want that. So, it can't happen. It won't happen.

"Liam, mate, come on! We're going to the food table! Food!" Niall called over his shoulder when he realized I wasn't following. "No thanks, I'm not really hungry," I answered shrugging. Niall nodded a little and ran like an idiot to catch up to Louis and Zayn.

I say down on the floor, up against the tall white wall of the area backstage. The coolness of the wall calmed me a bit. Things between us lads hasn't been very peachy..we were getting along but it was all forced. Louis really was trying with Harry, but not for him for me. I hated that it was like this, but it had to be. There was no way things could go back to normal. Especially after Harry's little confession...

I felt someone plop down next to me, breaking me from my worries momentarily. I turned to see a small, perky blonde girl, with the biggest brown eyes, just smiling at me. "Hi!" She almost yelled at me, in a voice that reminded me of Danielle..

"My names Casey!" She continued on fearlessly, completely ignoring the shocked and annoyed expression I was positive I wore. I didn't want to be rude though so I gave a small wave back. "You're Liam right? Yeah, I knew that. So you're the cute and shy type," she said ridiculously flirtatious. I shook my head the annoyance building inside me, "Nope, I'm the leaving type!" I exclaimed jumping up and walking off in a random direction.

I'm not usually the type to be rude or arrogant like that, but she completely reminded me of Danielle..I couldn't stand Danielle much when I was with her, after what she did to my Libby, I couldn't stand her even more! The thought of the monster made me cringe...I kept on walking and eventually found myself in my room. I walked up to my bed and immediately collapsed in it. I was so emotionally drained that I slept instantly.

Harry's POV

"Alright, well lunch," Billy said with a clap of his hands. I never thought I could love a sound so much. I immediately started speed walking down the opposite hall. I just wanted someplace quiet to eat.

I kept going down the hallway and suddenly bumped into someone. "Oh I'm sor- Lexi!" I exclaimed laughing, seeing Lexi standing there smiling her Lexi smile. "Harry, we have to stop meeting this way!" She said in her cute American accent between equally cute giggles. "I'm sorry, how about I make it up to you. Say...over lunch?" I ask cheekily, smiling. She paused..not answering me.

For the first time in the last few years, I really wanted her to say yes. I'd asked out loads of girls in the passed couple years, but they oogled over me, so I had no doubt they'd say yes. Lexi was different though, she made me nervous. She made me lose my confidence. She made my palms sweat.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting a smile formed on her lips. "Sure, lets go," she said heading back towards the exit. I followed close behind like a lost puppy. We made it to the car, and I recovered a little and thought to open the door for her. I kept pulling on the door, but it wouldn't budge. I tried pulling harder and harder, it just would not open when suddenly...

I hear a burst of giggles coming from Lexi. I look over at her in question. "Harry, I don't think that's your car," she said continuing to laugh at me. I start to blush and stutter incoherently. Lexi laughs and gets into the identical car next to "my" car. I stand there for a few seconds out of embarrassment. "Hey! You coming Styles?" Lexi asks smiling, popping her head out of the window. I smile and walk over. I pull the door open and immediately hear Stevie Wonder coming through my stereo. I smile at the sound and get in.

I buckle in my own seat belt and look over to double check Lexi was too. "You ready to go?" I asked her smiling. She nodded her head, and I pulled out of the parking lot. I automatically drove over to Nando's, listening to Lexi softly sing along with the Stevie Wonders CD.

I got out to go open the door for her but she opened it herself, "I am an independent woman who don't need no man to open the door for her!" She joked with sass. Sass that sort of reminded me of Lou...Lou would like her, I couldn't help thinking as we walked in.

"Eating alone?" An attractive hostess asked with a wink. "No," I said smiling politely and pulling Lexi out from behind me. The waitress frowned a bit and then regained her confidence. "Oh well that's too bad.." She trailed off motioning for us to follow her. We did and came to a small booth. I let Lexi slide in first before I slid in next to her.

"Harry, I think you have an admirer.." Lexi joked hinting at the hostess who was lingering around our table. I smirked jokingly, "Oh I have many." She threw her head back and laughed in the cutest way. "I'm sure," she responded smiling at me. "So how's the competition going for you?" I questioned, starting conversation. She shifted a bit uncomfortably in her seat and smiled stiffly, "Good, good."
Something was off though.

"What's wrong?" I stared at her, unable to tear my eyes away from her. "N-nothing," she stuttered out completely unlike herself. I was just about to interrogate her further when the waitress appeared, "What'll you have to drink?" Lexi hesitated and then answered, "Waters fine, thanks." I smiled, "Same for me, thanks." She nodded and walked away.

"Lex, something's going on. You can tell me," I assured her. She stopped and thought about it for a minute. "Well, its just this stupid girl," she said like it was nothing, but I could tell it was something. Something that bothered her.."Well, what about her bothers you?" I asked grabbing her hands. She looked down at them, but didn't pull away.

"Well, she just thinks she can put her two sense into EVERYTHING. She thinks she's so great! Maybe she does have talent, but so does everyone else! She has no right whatsoever to say anything about anyone! It's just so annoying! I just want her to go die in a hole!" She suddenly erupted with frustration, no longer hiding it. I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit at her. "Okay, maybe not die in a hole..but she needs to go away! To like Canada! Yeah, Canada!" She said loudly gaining some stares. "Well, it sounds like she's not worth your time, and probably really jealous of you," I said honestly, trying to be cheeky.

She smiled, red creeping onto her cheeks. "Awe, look your blushing!" I laugh poking her warm cheek. She closes her eyes and scrunches her nose, "No, it's just warm in here!" She exclaims laughing her eyes still closed. I start laughing with her and then she got serious. "Okay, okay," she said catching her breath. "Seriously though, I wanna do something about it. To top that off, I have the worst song known to man!" She exclaimed again.

I wanted to help her, and I had a good idea. "You know what you could do!" I said happily. "What?" She laughed. "You could "dedicated" that one song King Of Anything to her!" I said excited about my little idea. Lexi smiles nodding her head, "Yes, I could do that. I know all the words and I'm sure they could find the music for it!" She exclaimed back just as happy.

I smiled at her, happy to have helped. Our drinks came, and we ordered out food. "You know what Styles? We make a good team," Lexi said smiled and sipping her water. "Yeah, we do," I smiled and stared into her light brown eyes that just sparkled. There was something about Lexi that I really liked..and I think it was her.

~Authors Note PLEASE Read~
Hey Lovelies! It's been too long! I'm really sorry, I've been really busy lately! And I haven't had time for writing much, and I was gonna update sooner, but someone really close passed away recently, so that didn't happens. This chapter was to introduce Casey, and talk a little more about Lexi. What'd ya think? Comment please(: and check out Back To The Bridge! I guarantee you'll like it...hopefully(:

I love you guys so much!

Say Lovely My Lovelies,
Ashley(: <3 xx
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