Angels From Opposite Planets

Angel is just a normal fourteen year old girl...Well, almost normal. She must fight certain things including her past to recover her identity and her safety. If not, well, you don't want to know. This is a story of adventure, a little romance, and a lot of fun.


9. This is Nice..

We walked down the sidewalk, just casually carrying our swords and a bag of gold dust. Yes, we're normals teens spending our Saturday outside. Kids these days, right?

"So, Zwark, any relatioship to Stork? You know..Zwark, Stork....It rhymes..." I said, trying to lighten up the mood. I got an eye roll and an eyebrow dance. That sure lightened it.

"It's not funny." Jake said.

"Oh, sorry to offend the great 'Zwark'!" I tried to be serious, I promise I did. "Who names their kid that? 'Zwarkiepoo, come out, come out, where ever you are!'"

"You just don't get it!"Jake started to get offended, I could tell. "You just don't!"

"Then help me!" I threw my hands up in the air, frustrated.

Jake grabbed my arm, and the next thing I knew we were in a different world. There were horses with wings, people in black, a dark sky, and a depressing, dark, gloomy castle.

"Woah. Who took up housekeeping there?" I laughed.

"This isn't a joke. This is the Forest of Darkness."

I spun around a few times. "Anyone else notice a lack of trees in the 'Forest of Darkness'?"

Shelby smiled and knodded. Jake walked towards the castle for a little bit and then stopped.

"That," He poined towards the castle. "That is Zwark's palace."

"Yikes."  Shelby said. I looked at her for the first time in a while. She looked a little weirder than usual.

"This is nice..." I tease.

"Have you upgraded recently?" I asked Shelby, changing the subject. This was a way of saying 'Have you tried on the old war uniform lately, also known as yourself.'

"No, not recently. I like human form."

"It's not healthy." Jake said. He then looked at me. "Have you upgraded ever?" He emphasised 'you' and 'ever.'

"No, not ever."

"There'll be time later."



We walked up to the castle.

"This is what you do." Jake handed me this blac jumpsuit. I looked at him. "Oh, please. You'll look good in it." I smiled and went to change. I came back later with my blonde hair up in a nice bun, a tight jumpsuit on, and some black boots on my feet. Jake looked at me and then started walking into the castle.


"Zwark will see you." The servant said. She was a snake, I could tell.

Jake said nothing, he just walked into the throneroom. There, I assume, was Zwark, sitting in black robes on his black throne.

"Dang." I said as I looked around. Everything was....evil.

"Your majesty." Jake bowed low to the ground.

"Servus and Vergo." Zwark said in a deep, cold voice.

"Dang." I whispered again.

"Vergo, come." I assumed he was talking to me, since he pointed to me.

"My name is Angel."

"Angel? Angel is not a good name for a Dark."

"Excuse me?" I said.

"You will be called Tenebris. Tenebris means 'Dark.'"

"Sounds bad."

"Oh, it is." He smiled.

"So, Zwark, what do you want?"

"Tenebris, I want you to be my...Speculatore."

"You mean your spy?"

"My spectulatore, yes. Be a speculatore on the Lux." I knew what that mean't.

"You want me to spy on the Angels of Light?"

"Never speak that name in my presence!" He shouted. I didn't back down. "You have courage." He noted.

I looked at Jake, who was sitting on the floor still.

"Mors, come." He called to Jake. "Eam porro in arcem elit. Nunc." He said. I got out my translator a little late. I said the only Latin I knew.

"Ubi latrina?" Which means 'Where's the bathroom.'

"You speak Latin." Zwark confirmed. "You will have more lessons. Ad sinistram." I looked confused, I guess."To the left."




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