Angels From Opposite Planets

Angel is just a normal fourteen year old girl...Well, almost normal. She must fight certain things including her past to recover her identity and her safety. If not, well, you don't want to know. This is a story of adventure, a little romance, and a lot of fun.


7. The Coffee Shop

I was waiting in line by some girl and we started talking...


"Hey! I'm Shelby!"

"I'm Angel."

"I was wondering, do you have a coin I could borrow?" I reached in my pocket and handed her a coin.


"Woah! What happened?" She pointed to my arm. I hadn't noticed until now, but my arm was purple. I feel my bag get heavier, so I reach in and pull out a little note attached to a bottle.


By this stage, you should be in London. I am so sorry, but this next part will be very painful to your heart. I know you have drifted away from America, and I know it seems unneccesary. You will find Jake here. He will be in a coffee shop just down the rode. You must go up to him and say these exact words "Tell me what I need to know, or your item is gone." No time to explain what the item is. You'll find out later. I love you so much.


Questions ran threw my mind. I ran out of line and went to the Coffee Shop. Shelby followed me.

"ANGEL! I know who you are. I was sent my your father."

I stopped suddenly and turned on my heal.


"I know it's hard to believe me. But you will see him again... I am here to help you."

"Fine." I walked in the Coffee Shop. Sure enough, there was Jake. I walked over to him.

"Well, well, well. The girl that stabbed me..."

"Jake, tell me what I need to know, or your item is gone."

He leaned forward and smirked at me.

"Alright. Get out the potion." I reached in the purse and pulled it out.

"Here." He mumbled words over it and took the cap off.

"Drink it." He said. I didn't hesitate. I grabbed it and drank in. I fell on the floor and went into my vision.




I walk down a long chamber and enter a room. Dad is there.



"You'll only be here for a minute. Honey, the fate of the world rests in your hands. You must defeat the Angel of Darkness."

"You mean, the leader darkness? Me?"

"Yes." He hands me a little knife in a case. "Pull it out."

I pulled it out. It turned into a huge sword. It has gold wrapped around it.

"Use this against it. Don't believe anything that it says. Please, don't."

"I...I love you. I miss you, too." I hug him, but he's just an apparition.

"I love you too. Be brave, Angel. You must be-friend Jake. Make him trust you."

He cups my chin and kisses my forehead. He starts to disappear.

"No! Please, no!"



"Angel?" Jake shook me awake. I groaned in pain from the little fall. I bolt up when my vision clears. I grab the collar of his shirt and kiss him.

"Angel?" Even Shelby was confused.

"Thanks, Jake." He helped me stand up, and walked me over to a chair.

"No problem."

I don't know what I did, but it got him to trust me.


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