Angels From Opposite Planets

Angel is just a normal fourteen year old girl...Well, almost normal. She must fight certain things including her past to recover her identity and her safety. If not, well, you don't want to know. This is a story of adventure, a little romance, and a lot of fun.


10. Smiling

I got up and looked at my 'body guard.'

"Wanna go party?"

"Oh, yes." He said. I pulled on a dress and walked out to the car.

"Nice ride." I said.



"So how old are you?" I asked as I sipped on my cola.

"Nineteen. You?" He replied.

"Seventeen now. It was a while ago that my parents- Never mind." I said as I looked down.

He had a few too many drinks, which was confirmed when he fell off his chair.

"You a little tipsy?" I asked.

"Nooooo." He slurred.

I picked up my purse and helped him up. I carried him out to the car.

"You have a name?" I asked as I drove towards the castle. I looked over and saw him asleep.



I woke up to the sound of snoring. I looked over and saw the guard asleep on my floor.

I threw a pillow on him, but I didn't wake him up. I heard footsteps, so I decided to play the stupid card. I screamed, which woke him up right away.

"What's wrong?" He yelled as he jumped up.

"Help me! There's a man in my room!" I yelled. I motioned to him that I was acting. He jumped up, put his shirt on, and took his position as a guard. When the people walked in he pretended to explain who he was.

"Ma'am, I'm just guarding you. My name is Liam. I work for the king." He said as they walked in.

"What's the matter here?" A handsome man asked me as he came by my side.

"Nothing, just a misunderstanding. Nothing wrong." I said with a reasurring smile.

"If he bothers you..." He looked at Liam. "I'll kill him." He said more to Liam than me.

"Nothing will be bothered or killed, thank you." I said as I got up.

"Of course, ma'am." He said before walking out.

"Thanks." Liam said.

"It's just a thank-you for helping me have fun. It was fun smiling." I said as I looked at him. He smiled as he stood in front of the door.

"I've got your back." He said as I walking into my bathroom.

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