Angels From Opposite Planets

Angel is just a normal fourteen year old girl...Well, almost normal. She must fight certain things including her past to recover her identity and her safety. If not, well, you don't want to know. This is a story of adventure, a little romance, and a lot of fun.


5. Europe, Here I Come!

We ran around the building until we found the ladder leading up to the roof. We jumped on the roof and went to the ledge to sit down. I dangled my feet off of the edge.

Alexis pulled out her car keys and said, "So, are you going to talk or do we go home?"
"Well," I think of a good strong lie,"I ran away from an orphanage. I'm not going back!"
"I see. Well, what do we do then? Stay here for the rest of our lives?"
"Nah, something will come to me soon." I look out over the ocean there were so many people in boats. Boats....
"So," Alexis said something but it was just mumbling to me. I zoned in on the boats.
"THAT'S IT! Boats! We could go by boat!"
"Are you crazy? By boat? No way!"
"Fine! I'll go by myself!" I stand on the ledge.
"What are you doing?"
"Diving into the ocean, duh! We are only one floor up!"
"You'll die!"
"Nah! See ya!" I leaned forward and she grabbed my waist and yanked me back.
She pulled my towards her car and made me get in. She turned on the car and looked over at me.
"Which way?"
"Towards the beach."
We got out of the car when we reached the beach.
"We don't look like beach people." We both said.
"I'll pay." She said. We went towards a store and picked out some beach clothes.
I got short shorts and a white bikini top with a pink shirt for later. Alexis got a beach dress that had little pink flowers around the bottom and she wore a pair of sandals.
We paid and then walked down to the beach. I sat down, the sand coming between my toes. It was warm and relaxing.
I put my head back and closed my eyes.
"Icecream, ladies?" An icecream man said.
"Mmm, yes please!" Alexis got out her wallet and then asked me, "Want some, Angel?"
"Sure." I got onto my elbows and looked at the icecream man. He was about 6'2 with tan skin, black, short curly hair, and brown eyes.
"Here you go."
"Thanks. Keep the change." Alexis said to him.
"Thank you." He kept walking.
I enjoyed my icecream and then layed back down.
"What's our plan of action?" She said to me.
"Well, I think our best chance is by boat."
"Only if it's a Cruise Ship to Europe!"
"That's a good idea!" I get up into a sitting position.
"Angel, it's crazy."
"Don't you realize that I'm crazy yet?"
She smiled at me an then knodded.

(Around 1 Hour Later)
"2 tickets to Europe." She handed me my ticket.
"Where do we go?"
"Well, that's the dock." She pointed to the dock down around the bathrooms.
"What about clothes?"
"They have them on the ship! We have about an hour."
"Alexis, thanks."
"Angel, you are so fun. You are like a real angel!" She smiled.
I gave a little grin thinking "You have no idea."
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