Angels From Opposite Planets

Angel is just a normal fourteen year old girl...Well, almost normal. She must fight certain things including her past to recover her identity and her safety. If not, well, you don't want to know. This is a story of adventure, a little romance, and a lot of fun.


3. Daddy Sends Me a Message

I had to shake my mom off my back. She was sweet, but she was just going over the top about the mark on my leg and about me taking the potion ‘accidentally’. It was hard to lie, but I had to. I got her to calm down after I choked down some medicine and then stayed in bed all day. But I had lost a lot of time that I could have used to find Jesse and my backpack. I was determined to find both.

I put on a casual dress and a sweater and went downstairs.

I looked in the broom closet for the keys to the lock on my bike, but they were nowhere to be seen. I decided to walk, since it would be good for me to get some air.

I closed the door quietly and pulled out a map from my purse. I had marked the spots I would investigate: the Café, Hotel Majesty, and the parking garage. I decided to go to the closest one first: the Café.

I walked into the little brick Café and smelled the pastries right away. I scanned over each little round table and my eyes didn’t find Jesse.
“Ma’am! Ma’am! Try this!” A little French man named Henri yelled to me. He lifted a little pastry on a toothpick over his head.

“No thanks, Henri! I must be off to the hotel! Maybe later!” I waved to him and exited the Café. Next would e the parking garage.

I walked up to the top floor, and there he was: Leaning against a car waiting for me.

“I sensed you were coming. I found this.” He lifted up my necklace. I reached to my neck, where the necklace had been before I exited the bus.

“Give it over, now.” I reached out my hand for him to put it into.
“You know exactly why. Now give it over to me!”
“No, thanks anyway. I think I will keep it with me for a little while, Angel.” I didn’t know if he said Angel as a joke, or if he didn’t get what the necklace meant.
“No can do.” I had to think of a plan, and fast. But what? My eyes searched the parking lot. I felt something in my pocket. Something heavy. I reached in and there was a potion. I pulled it out and read the label:

Use in defense mode. Apply to enemy’s skin
For best use. Give one minute for this to

There was a note wrapped around the bottle. I opened it carefully.

You won’t see me again for a while. Apply the potion to any enemy’s skin to defeat them. Get the necklace before you leave. The necklace has the power to transport you, as you know. I knew that you had known what the potion was. I only wish that you would have been honest with me. I’m so sorry I didn’t have the chance to teach you things, or to even be there for you when you needed advice, a shoulder to cry on, or even someone to say “I love you” to you. I am so sorry for everything, Angel. Please forgive me. You will be receiving an item in your pocket whenever you need help. It will be exactly what you need, so if you think it isn’t, think again. I love you, Angel. Be safe, and watch out for the .


The last word was missing. What did I need to watch out for? How would I know what to do if it came? I put the letter in my pocket. I wiped a tear from my eye and walked up to Jesse.

“You know, you think you are clever. You think you have all the pieces I need for survival. I have so much more than you. All you have is a necklace. I have family support, and so much more. Read this.” I gave him the letter. He glanced at it and gave me a blank look.

“Why do I care?”
“Oh, you shouldn’t care about that. Look down.”
He looked down, and his hand was turning blue.
“What did you do?” He screamed at me.
I held up the potion to his eyes.
“Oh, I just used some of this potion. I don’t know what the side effects are, but I know that one is turning blue…Stay away from me, Jesse. This is your only warning.” I took my necklace and walked to the edge of the top level. I put the necklace around my neck and I thought of where I wanted to go. I thought about it, and then I felt the wind in my face.

I landed on the floor, as usual. I stood up, expecting to say ‘Hi, Mom!” Instead, I was in a place I didn’t recognize. I tried to transport myself away, but I couldn’t. This was where I had to be, like it or not. I was stuck.
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