Angels From Opposite Planets

Angel is just a normal fourteen year old girl...Well, almost normal. She must fight certain things including her past to recover her identity and her safety. If not, well, you don't want to know. This is a story of adventure, a little romance, and a lot of fun.


2. A Crisis

I stood up and looked around. Everyone was gone except for me, Jesse, and Mr. Brustin.
Even the book bags, purses, and shoes were gone.
“What happened?” I looked around and then looked at Jesse for an explanation.
“Sorry, Angel, we had to.”
“’We’?” I looked at Mr. Brustin.
“I’m so sorry, Angel. He tricked me! I am so-so sorry.” He looked at me, his eyes full of pain. His daughter was in this bus a minute ago.
“How could you? Your own daughter!” I went to the front of the bus and try to push open the doors. They wouldn’t budge.
“No use. They won’t open until I command them to. Sit.” Jesse pointed to a seat.
Jesse approached me. He didn’t look mad; he just had the I-know-you’ll-give-in look.
“I know what you are thinking. You’ll give in soon.”
I knew he was incorrect, especially since angels can’t read each other’s minds.
“I know for a fact that you are wrong. I know.” I whispered, not able to speak any louder.
He stopped and hesitated.
“Oh, I see.”
“No, you really don’t…”
“What makes you so confident?”
My eyes looked for a way out. There was none…Or was there?

I jumped over a few rows of seats and went to the back of the bus. The emergency exit was also blocked. I reach to the ceiling and forced the door open. I pulled myself up with all my might. I reached for my purse; I had left it in the bus. I couldn’t leave without my purse. I closed my eyes and concentrated, which was very hard with Jesse banging on the door. The bus window flew open and my purse was blown to me. I reached in and grabbed my little charm bracelet and put it on my palm. I thought of where I wanted to go, which was anywhere other than on top of the bus. I thought of home, where I was supposed to be. I closed my eyes, whispered “Home”, and I felt the wind through my hair as I left.
I was thrown on the floor of my room, which wasn’t very comfortable. I laid there for a few minutes, trying to catch my breath. Was this on the news?

I pulled myself downstairs, and stopped to see if my parents were there. They were, so I needed to stand and that was going to hurt a lot. I pulled myself up and slowly walked in the kitchen and sat down.
“Hey, Baby!” My mom came over and kissed my head.
“Hey, Mom.”
“How was your day? I didn’t even here you come in!”
“Well, it was fine and I climbed up the ladder to my room.”
“That is so dangerous, please don’t do that, sweetie.” Mom walked over to the sink and cut up a few vegetables.
“I won’t do it again. Hey, is dad by the TV?”
“Yes, sweetie. He’s watching his favorite show, why?”
“I need to get him away from that TV! He is there too much!”
“Angel, would you take these to him?” She handed me the plate of veggies.
“Sure.” I walked slowly out of the kitchen towards the TV room.
“Sweetie, are you ok? You are walking a little slowly. Did you hurt yourself? Let me call the doctor!”
“No!” The anger in my voice surprised us both.
“What is wrong?”
“I’m so sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to sound like that. I-I guess I’m just tired. That’s all, just tired.”
“Sweetie, I’m calling the doctor. Now.” She went over to the phone, and all I could do is go the fridge and grab something with caffeine. I found a Monster Energy drink. I took two sips and felt the energy coming. I smiled a fake smile and walked over to the phone.
“Mom, I feel fine! I was just a little sleepy for a minute!”
“Doctor, she is feeling tired and then energized” She covered the speaker. “Sweetie, be quiet! Go to your room and change into something comfortable. I will be right up with some soup.” She uncovered the speaker and continued to speak. “I’ve sent her upstairs to bed. We will be waiting for you.” She hung up the phone and looked at me full of concern.
“I’m going upstairs, don’t worry.” I walked upstairs and collapsed on my bed. Even energy drinks weren’t helping. I was so tired from so much magic. Too much magic. I knew the doctor would just say I needed days of rest. So I would accept sitting up here with the TV up here watching the news and seeing where I should go to find Jesse. He had my backpack, which had my phone, which had my protection.

“She is right up here, doctor.” Mom opened the door to my room. “Sick as a dog!” She forced me to go under the covers, which I was too tired to object to.

“Let me see.” The doctor sat on my bed and pulled up his little bag of tricks. “Open wide! Let me see those pearly whites.”

“I’m not two anymore; just say open your mouth.”
“Open your mouth.” He looked at the back I assumed. “No cold.”
He looked at everything else and didn’t find much.

“I prescribe sleep, and a lot of it.” He stood up from the bed. “No need to pay, it didn’t take me long.

“May I have the TV brought up here, Mom?”
“Yes, sweetie, of course.” She hugged me and went downstairs.
“Well, good night Miss Lakes.”
“Good night, Doc!”

He closed my door and was off. I was sort of glad, but sad that he didn’t get paid for wasting his time on me.

“Baby, here is the TV! Do you want something to eat?”
“No thanks, Mom. May I use your phone though?”
“Sure.” She handed me here phone and walked out, closing the door behind her.

I fell to sleep right away and woke up at eight the next morning. I had slept for fourteen hours. I jumped up; changed into sweat pants, and got out a little thing my dad had given me to help me know when I could use magic next. I had broken into my emergency supply, so I didn’t know how long it would take.

I stuck the needle through a thin layer of skin, not thick enough to bleed too much. I pulled it out and watched the little dial spin on it just like a compass. The arrow went directly to the ‘four days’ and that wasn’t ok. I looked for other little things and I found a few potions. I read the label.

Take care when using Potion 223
This is a very heavy potion, or not
Meant for little kids. Take whole
Bottle for 24 and up, take half for
23 and down.

I popped off the lid and took half the bottle. This would knock me out until I had a lot of power, so I quickly hid the bottle before I was motionless. Mom came in the room and nudged me for a little bit. I opened my eyes to darkness.

“Are you ok? You haven’t eaten in two days.”
“Yes, I’m hungry. Do we have any soup in the house?” I needed her to leave for a little bit, at least until the side effects left.
“I’ll go make some.” She walked out of the room and went downstairs.
I fell to the floor, gagging as I went down. I went to the trash can, and some gross stuff happened there. I pulled myself away and crawled under my bed. I gagged, my hands were shaking…I wasn’t in good shape.
My dad came in and was shocked.

“Angel!” He picked me up off the floor and put me on the bed.
He ran out of the room and came back ten seconds later with a little needle that looked like a shot.
“Angel. This is going to really hurt, but it will stop this.” He slowly put the shot in my leg. I winced a little bit and then it throbbed a little bit. Dad took my hand in case in hurt a lot. My leg turned to a blue, and my body began to get freezing cold. The throbbing started to decrease..

“What happened?” He still held onto my freezing hand.
“I took this.” I lifted up the bottle to his hand.
“Why?” He asked.
I had to lie. He couldn’t know what had happened.
“I-I thought it was a little bottle of pop.”
He smiled and touched my face.
“No, Angel. I’ll need to hide this from you!” I smiled at this response.
“Is the power that generates from this currently in me?”
“Sadly, yes. Sorry.”
“It’s ok. I think.”

Dad left the room and I covered myself in blankets. My leg kind of hurt. I was glad my dad had been there for me though.

But one thing was good. I had my power back.

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