His Dream Girl

This story will be in your POV(point of view) it is about Justin Bieber falling in love with a normal highschool girl. Oh and by the way when I type *yn* that means your name! Well he falls in love with you, but then Selena Gomez butts in and ruins EVERYTHING! You will have to read more to find out what happens next!


27. Why me?


"Just tell me which one?" I asked
"The younger one, I believe she was your girlfriend." the doctor said.
"No!! She can't be dead! This isn't happening to me! Why me?" I yell.
"Sir, I'm really sorry. Would you like to see her?" he asks.
I couldn't find my words so I just nod. We walk into her room I see her. She had cuts and bruises all over her body. I look over at the screen, it was a straight green line. I sit on the side of her bed and grab her hand.

"*yn*, I'm so sorry this happened to you. This is all my fault, if I hadn't asked you to go on your with me, none of this would have happened. If I could rewind everything and made it so I died, I would. You have been such a strong independent girl ever since I met you. You were and still are the love of my life and nobody will ever replace you. I love you so much, and I hope you love heaven, because they will love you. I love you," I say and kiss her forehead gently.

I walk out of the room and go into my mom's room. She was awake. "Mom!" I scream and run over to her and hug her. "Justin! How's *yn*?" She asks. I start to tear up. She knows now. "Oh baby, I'm so sorry. She was a great girl and she will always be with us in our hearts." She says while putting my hand up to my heart. I start to sob again. How could this be happening? Why was it happening to me? I don't have a purpose to live anymore. She was my life.

I walked out of the room.

"Justin?" I hear a familiar voice say. 

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