His Dream Girl

This story will be in your POV(point of view) it is about Justin Bieber falling in love with a normal highschool girl. Oh and by the way when I type *yn* that means your name! Well he falls in love with you, but then Selena Gomez butts in and ruins EVERYTHING! You will have to read more to find out what happens next!


25. Uh-oh


Texting conversation: (J for Justin, U for you)

J: Good job, she believed us(:
U: Good, she's a crazy bitch
J: Yeah, I was scared :/
U: You were? Imagine how I felt?
J: Yeah, I'm sorry boo:(
U: It's ok babe<3
J: I miss you</3
U: You just saw me 4 minutes ago!
J: I know but whenever I'm not with you I miss you
U: Aww me too(: I'm gonna watch some tv, byee boo
J: Love you

I was sitting on the couch with Pattie, she was on her computer and I was watching TV. Justin's bus was right behind ours. I look out the window and there were no cars! There was a big pick-up truck in front of us though. It had something in the trunk that looked like it was about to fall out. It was a big crate. I decided not to worry. I sat back on the couch and watched Ridiculousness. 

CRASHHH. And next thing I know the crate was on top of our upside down bus and hen everything went black.

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