His Dream Girl

This story will be in your POV(point of view) it is about Justin Bieber falling in love with a normal highschool girl. Oh and by the way when I type *yn* that means your name! Well he falls in love with you, but then Selena Gomez butts in and ruins EVERYTHING! You will have to read more to find out what happens next!


26. One of them?


I couldn't believe my eyes. I just witnessed the two most important people in my life get in an awful car accident. I couldn't help but cry. They were the best people ever.

We rushed to the hospital *yn* and my mom were already being taken care of. After hours and hours of waiting. A doctor finally came out.

"Justin?" he said to me. I nodded. "Come with me." he said.

"Ok, so that was a pretty bad accident." the doctor says.

"Yeah, are they ok?" I ask.

"And you saw the whole thing?"

"Yeah, are they ok?!" I ask with anger in my voice.

"Well, you see, one of them, didn't make it." When I heard those words, I fell to the floor crying. My heart broke into a thousand pieces

Sorry for the short chapter!

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