His Dream Girl

This story will be in your POV(point of view) it is about Justin Bieber falling in love with a normal highschool girl. Oh and by the way when I type *yn* that means your name! Well he falls in love with you, but then Selena Gomez butts in and ruins EVERYTHING! You will have to read more to find out what happens next!


20. Just Leave


I had so many different emotions when *yn* told me about Fredo. I was hurt, mad, sad, confused, and angry. I had to talk to Fredo and tell him to pack his bags and leave. "C'mon *yn*, let's go talk to my mom while I talk to Fredo." She wiped away her tears and walked out with me. "Mom, can you talk to her? I think she needs to talk to a woman." *yn* started bawling and my mom hugged her and took her to the bus. 

"Yo Fredo!" I scream. "Wassup Ju?" he says. Once he turns around I punch him in the face. "Yo bro, what was that for?" "Stay the fuck away from me and *yn*, or else there will be consequences. So go get your stuff off of the bus and leave. NOW." I say very angrily. "You know what, fine. I don't even need this anyways. I've got girls dying to be with me." he says. "Then leave." I say. He walks to the bus, packed his bags and left. I noticed that before he left, he winked at *yn* but she ignored it. She wasn't crying anymore. 

"I'll leave you two alone." My mom says. She left our bus and got onto hers. "*yn* I'm so sorry, I can't even explain how sorry I am. I just love you so much, and whenever you're hurt, I hurst ten times more. And I love you all the way up to the moon." I say. "Justin, it's not your fault that he did that to me. You can't control his actions. And guess what?" she asks. "What?" I ask. "I love you all the way up to the moon...and back." She says with a smile. "How can I be so lucky?" I ask. She runs up to me, wraps her legs around my waist and kisses me. It was the perfect kiss, with the perfect girl


Sorry this chapter was so short! Comment if you think I should end it or if I should make more drama happen! Please comment!

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