(Rated R) Mayleen (May) Jones Lived In Donchester England with her aunt May Her Mom & Dad died in a car crash . Her and her friends Alex , Kayla , and Janae love One Direction They all have alot of twitter followers but Mayleen has the most shes beautiful with dirty red hair curving body and light freckles . Does everything change over a twitcam of one direction? does it change over a tweet? She has a secret that only Her & Alex know they've been friends the longest everyone except Kayla is 19 kayla's 18 . Is it meant to be? or is it just a summer thing? :) xx


6. The Interview

Harry's POV:

So i thought it was about time for May to bond with Danielle,Perrie,&Eleanour since we had an interview & photoshoot today i set up an arrangement for all the girls to go shopping in london for a little bit while me and the boys go to our photoshoots then they could come watch  our interview live. "Hey May!" i yelled from the game room "yes styles?" "do you wanna hang out with the girls today?" "um sure but i dont think you would wanna hang around" "haha i know im going to a photoshoot" "oh ok yea sure i guess that will keep me busy" I told her about the interview and how they would all go shopping. She was actually really excited about the idea. :) about an hour went past of me in that game room i couldnt get enough it was AMAZING ! but it was also time for me to go. so i kissed her goodbye and told her good luck today with the girls lol! i didnt mean anything by it it's just they are really goofy!.

May's POV:

When harry left i jumped in the shower it was 2:36 pm and i was leaving at 4:30 that was just enough time for me to get ready i hoped into the shower for about and hour and 30 min. And i put on my cropped ( I love british boys ) t-shirt and my black skinny jeans with my sliver sparkly TOMS, i put on light makeup even though harry didnt really like me wearing it and pink glossy lip gloss with my dirty red hair falling down my back. i looked in the mirror and thought i looked pretty cute if i say so myself. it was 3:30 so i thought i would go eat a bowl of cereal until Kayla, Alex , and Nae rang my door bell they were too cute. When The rest of the girls got here i introduced myself and my friends and they did the same. When we got to the mall we were all already best friends we talked about the boys clothes and etc. It felt as if we were all sisters :) i got a text from the boys "Having fun? -DJMalik :)" "Imiss you but hope your enjoying yourself babe :)xx -Haz" "Pictures? PICTURES? i need pictures of my beauties! xx -BooBear" "Lalalala imy lalalaala get me food? lalalala cant wait to mess with you lalalala bye bye :)xx -Nialler" "love ya may hope you are having an great and brilliam time love :D -DaddyPayne" they were all so cute ;*. we shopped all day long and almost lost track of time until harry called "Babe? where are you the interview starts in 5 minutes" harry said over the phone he sounded so sad aww my poor baby :( "aww babe we are on our way im sorry ill be right there sweetie" "ok love you and see you when you get here love" 5 minutes ? we hurried as fast as we could and got there just in time harry was waiting outside as we pulled up "Babe?" i called for him "oh good your here!" he grabbed my hand and pulled me inside waving the rest of them inside as well  when we entered all the boys were sitting on a couch waiting for the interview to start.

Harry's POV:

im so glad Mayleen and the girls showed up i was getting worried. Anyways the interview started and of course we had to introduce ourselfs "Hi im harry" "im niall" "im louis" "im zayn" "and im liam" "And we are One Direction" "well hello im Marca Dayes and im here with the most popular boy band in america One Direction, so boys which one of you are in a relationship" well all of us had relationships Lou with Eleanour Me with Maylen Niall with Janae Liam with Danni and Zayn with Perrie "well ok" she laughed a little "so i heard your new music video 'Kiss You' came out yesterday did you boys have fun on set?" "super fun video and im sure every directioner will love it we worked really hard to make you all happy and its was amazing i must say" Liam said with his head high (lol) "well we have the video right here if you didnt see it everyone here is One Direction 'Kiss You'" The video began to play as the girls came over to sit with us for the next part of the interview. "And we're back with the Boys and this time they actually have their girlfriends with them hello girls" "Hi" they all said their so cute :) "let me guess your Mayleen , Your Danielle , Perrie,Janae,&Eleanour?" she actually guessed them all right "well how is it dating harry styles Mayleen?" "Well its extrodinharry, its fun and full of excitement im really glad  i met him" she said im so happy i had her shes wonderful :* "aww thats so sweet harry do you have anything to say to that?" " actually i do, i am really glad i meet her shes a wonderful beautiful girl and i hope i get to spend forever with her i love her" everyone in the audience said 'awwww' haha i kissed her cheek and she started to blush but whispered 'i love your more' into my ear  i smiled really big :) "so Mayleen do you know frence so you and harry could contact eachother in different languages ?" "yes i do wanna see?" "ofcourse!" "je t'aime et je suis vraiment heureux que je vous" if you dont know french she said 'i love you and im really glad i have you' "je t'aime trop et que votre plus belle fille du monde" i replied 'i love you too and your the most beautiful girl in the world' "welll luckily we have a translator to see what they said and that is so sweet and cute, now boys what are you gonna do when you start tour?" "i dont know but hopefully managment lets them tag alone we are still waiting for a reply but i think it will be a great opportunity for us and the girls" niall stated "what will you do if you go on tour with them mayleen?" "well um-" she got cut off by zayn "Vas Happenin' Broken Beds?!" everyone laughed as i put two thumbs up to the camera Mayleen covered her face in embarrassment "dont hide the beauty babe" i un covered her face and kissed her. Best Interview EVER!

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