(Rated R) Mayleen (May) Jones Lived In Donchester England with her aunt May Her Mom & Dad died in a car crash . Her and her friends Alex , Kayla , and Janae love One Direction They all have alot of twitter followers but Mayleen has the most shes beautiful with dirty red hair curving body and light freckles . Does everything change over a twitcam of one direction? does it change over a tweet? She has a secret that only Her & Alex know they've been friends the longest everyone except Kayla is 19 kayla's 18 . Is it meant to be? or is it just a summer thing? :) xx


5. Simple but effective..

May's POV:

He climbed up my window i was shocked and happy as hell to see him again i havent seen him since the last time he came here to 'try' and work things out . My aunt doesnt really like harry because she thinks he will leave me for a famous girl and break my heart or something but my harry would never :) im really glad he came. "Hello again beautiful" he reached his arms out and i ran to hug him i cryed on his chest i was crying because i was happy to see him and because i gave Jacob 3months of my life for him to have sex with some girl because he was 'drunk' i needed harry's comfort more then anything. "please, stop crying love" "harry. i cant stop crying i wasted 3months of my life on that fucking loser and he destroyed me.." "well, im here now and you dont have to worry about that 'loser' anymore" "what about when you have to leave harry you have things to do you cant stay with me forever. when you leave ill be even MORE destroyed because your the only guy for me" "here" he pulled a necklace from his pocket it was the letter 'H' with a button on it that looked like a little diamond "whats this for?" i smiled "whenever you need me push that little button and it will go to my necklace" he broght out a necklace from under his shirt with the letter 'M' on it he's so cute "thanks chicken boy :)" "your welcome". He layed down beside me and kissed me it was the most longest biggest BEST kiss ever. he rolled on top of me and starting moving to my neck i let out a slight moan and i guess that's what turned him on , he took his shirt off the stripped me down he did the same. He kissed me from my neck down to the bottom of my stomach i bit my lip trying not to let the moans go out he licked my body all the way back up to my lips and kissed me as hard as he could i let his tongue slip into my mouth and we had tongue wars until he started thrusting inside of me in and out he went slow at first and as we both let out our moans he started going faster and faster as i gripped the sheets harry's phone rang and it was louis but he didnt stop he answered the phone "louis i cant talk right now im gonna call you back" "we're doing.. yoga bye" i laughed a little then my finger nails dug into his back and we switched positions i was now on top of him while he still thrusted Louis texted me "Yoga my as dirty bastards :) xx" yes i replied :) "haha love ya lou gotta finish my yoga now ;)".

Harry's POV:

her body was heaven she was my queen and she let me explore we stopped about 2 hours laer and we just layed there staring at the ceiling sweating and breathing hard that was amazing she was amazing "May can i ask you something?" "Sure love" we were still staring up "When the tour starts your not gonna forget me ... right?" "Harry, ill never ever forget you i love you no matter what you do no matter what happens you'll always have my heart" "ill never forget you either EVER" she rolled off the bed and crawled to the bathroom "why are you crawling" i laughed a little "because my legs hurt and im going to take a shower" "oh haha then i did my job right, wheres another bathroom?" "just get in with me :)" i didnt turn down that offer ;) we both got into the shower and just stared at each other not our bodies but stared into each others eyes i could care less about her amazing body i loved her for her. we were deep in our thoughts when someone knocked on her room door "May are you sleep?" "No Lex im in the shower but wait hold on"  she yelled back she quickly washed up and so did i and we put our clothes back on she put on pajama shorts and a tank top and her hair was in a messy bun. I knew i would stay over here so i brought a bag i put on a shirt and boxers i took my bag and hid in the bathroom while she opened the door.

May's POV;

I put my pj's on and so did harry i told harry to go hide in the bathroom until Lex left i went and opened the door when harry went behind the bathroom door "Wasup lex" "Dinner you want some?" "Nope" i tryed closing the door but she came in "your room is a mess" "yea i know im about to clean it bye bye" "why are you rushing me out? calm your nuts bro" i dont know why but we always say that to each other "im calm im just .... tired" Alex closed the door and started to whisper "i know you so well" "what do you mean?" "wow. Harry come out love" "how did you know he was here?" "his car is outside across the street your window's open i see him behind the bathroom door and i heard you guys no one heard you but me" "oh" i laughed as harry came out of the bathroom.

Author's Note: Hey its Mayleen and im sorry for the short chapter i hope you are enjoying the story so far! trying to make it as relatible as possible lmao not really but hey! keep reading :)xx

Love May~

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