(Rated R) Mayleen (May) Jones Lived In Donchester England with her aunt May Her Mom & Dad died in a car crash . Her and her friends Alex , Kayla , and Janae love One Direction They all have alot of twitter followers but Mayleen has the most shes beautiful with dirty red hair curving body and light freckles . Does everything change over a twitcam of one direction? does it change over a tweet? She has a secret that only Her & Alex know they've been friends the longest everyone except Kayla is 19 kayla's 18 . Is it meant to be? or is it just a summer thing? :) xx


12. Secrets

May's POV:

It's been a week since that whole Zayn thing and i've told Louis. My stomach has been acting really moody these past 3 days i've been craving the weirdess things lately, my period's late, and my stomach has been aching. "Lou!" i yelled from the kitchen looking in the fridge "what's up hot cakes?" he came into the kitchen "where's the pickles?" i asked "um, Niall ate them why?" he said. I groaned "what? i really want some pickles and peanut butter" i whinned "ew" he said i laughed "Lou take me to the store?" i asked shaking his arm "finally gonna get that pregnancy test love?" he asked quietly i looked around to see harry asleep on the couch "yeah i guess" i said. We drove to the nearest drug store and got out of the car it was a silent drive but hey. We walked into the drug store as we sheld ourselves from fans and so on. I grabbed the test "now lets go please" i whinned "pay for it duh" he said shit i forgot about that "um" i said looking at the cashier she had faux nails a ton of make-up and big hair "cna you pay please? how would it look if harry style's girlfriend is buying a pregnancy tes?" i asked "how would it look if 1/5 of one direction is buying one?" he asked walking to the desk "Hello, how may i help you" the cashier asked in a irritated tone "yea can i have this please?" he said handing it to her, she gave him a 'ew, are you serious' kind of face "don't give me that look mind your beezwax" he said putting his hand on the counter the girl aughed "sorry sir" she said as he payed and took the bag. We got back to the car and i was busting of laughter "that lady was all in my buisness, i should report her" he said laughing "that waas hilarious!" i said holding my stomach laughing "yeah yeah, you just go take care of YOUR buisness" he said i rolled my eyes and grabbed the box tucking it in my jacket pocket "whatever" i said getting out the car as we pulled up to the house. I walked in and seeen Harry talking to Zayn in the kitchen i walked in adn closed the door. Harry looked and rolled his eyes walking upstairs "Harry?" i asked "what?!" he asked a craack in his voice Shit! did zayn tell him? "Harry whats wrong love? are you crying?" i asked walking up to him he made no eye contact whatsoever "don't tlk to me" he growled going up the stairs and slamming his door. I ran in the kitchen "what the hell is that about?!" i asked Zayn he looked at me and grabbed my hand "i had too tell him he's one of my best mates" he said i yanked my hand away "what the fuck! Zayn how could you? i could've told him when the time was right. I love harry ALOT and nw i may have lost him. I was happy i was in shock my emotions were everywhere when that happened between me and you. It was nothing" i started to cry and i didn't boyher wiping the tears away. "Louis' Home!!" i heard come from the door i ran and hugged him and he hugged back "aye, love what's wrong?" he spoke "Zayn told harry and now .... i dont even know" i gripped him tighter "it's ok,i'll talk to Zayn you go sort things out with harry" he said rubbing my head i nodded slowly as we lost touch. I slowly walked upstairs and  knocked on the door "Harry?" i asked softly.

Harry's POV:

I ran upstairs and locked the door i didn't ant to live. I didn't want to be apart of this world anymore. Zayn made love to my girlfriend. he's suppose to be my mate. I couldn't live with the fact someone other than me gave May pleaseure i was deep i my thoughts until i heard a knock "Harry?" her soft voice called i loved her so fucking much but obviously that wasn't the same with her "what?" i asked still crying "babe, please open the door, we need to talk about this" she said "he's not gonna talk to you" i heard zayn yell from downstairs "fuck off bastard" May yelled back. I laughed "babe i know you here me" she said laughing i got up and opened the door and sat back down. She closed the door behind her and came and sat on my lap "Harry baby?" she called grabbing my face and facing me "i love you" she teased kissing my face everywhere "i love you alot babe" she said in between kisses i tried not to smirk by biting my bottom lip. I don't want to be mad at her. I love her "Talk to me harry" she stopped kissing me . I was silent "Harry please!" she yelled she pushed me back ad i lay on the bed she crawled on top of me and kissed me hard. It was amazing but i didn't kiss back i really wanted to but didint. In my mind i said YES but my lips said NO. She stopped and looked at me "really?" she said i looked away a tear fell on my cheek but it came from her i looked back at her and she was crying "you don't love me anymore" she whispered I DO I DO! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART ALL MY SOUL ALL MY EVERYTHING YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME MAYLEEN!!!! i wanted to scream it to the world but the words wouldn't come out "Oh my god" she said getting off of me she packed her clothes and i began to feel tears roll down my face she looked at me one last time and left. OH my beautiful mayleen! come back please babe ! come back!! I opened the door and seen her walking downstairs with the girls they were leaving ?! no! i couldn't lose her again! not again..........

May's POV:

I made a complete fool of mysef being all over him and he doesn't even love me anymore i walked down the stairs with the girls and hugged everybody telling them i was leaving "I love you" i told louis " i love you too but you have to visit me!" he said "of course i will" i said Niall ran to me and squezzed me "don't leave me" he cried i rubbed his head "awww my Nialler baby i'm gonna call you everyday i said hugging him. Zayn came out of the kitchen and i instantly had a disgusting look on my face i just hate him so much for runining the best thing ever. "you leaving?" he asked walking to me get your sexy ass outta here! wait what?! "your leaving?" he asked "yes i am" i said he  pulled me into a hug "im sorry" he whispered "its...ok" i said hugging back i wanted that but i wanted it from harry. I hugged Liam tight. I looked at the stairs hoping he would just come say goodbye. I seen him walking down the stairs oh thank you jesus! "Mayleen?" he spoke i loved him so much "yes haz?" i asked excidetly biting my lip trying not to smile "you forgot your hat" he made no eye contact what so ever i got all excited for nothing but a fucking hat?! "oh, yeah thanks" i said snatching the hat and leaving. Bastard.

                                                                               1 Month Later

Niall's POV:

It's been a month since Mayleen and Harry talked, I see may everyday because i can't help but love her she's like my big sister i love her she's adorable. Harry has been a total wreck i mean he's moaping around and tearing up when she calls me. She spent a week here with me and the guys but her and Harry haven't talked once he always tried to get her attention but she always ignored him. Tonight she was coming over for another week, She said her and the girls hasn't talked much because the girls were still mad she made them leave the first time. May's stomach is big i always tells her to slow down on the eating but she eats like... well me. Tonight Zayn was gonna cook for us her and Zayn are really cool now. I heard the doorbell ring and i opened it "Mayleen!!" i yelled hugging her she always told me not to hug to tight because it hurts her stomach i agreed. She had an annoncement tonight. "Hi my baby boo" she said hugging me i grabbed her hand and walked to the kitchen as we sat at the table "Hey guys" she said as everyone (Except harry) hugged her Lou whispered something to her and she laughed. I shrugged, "what we having Zayn?" she asked "potatoes niall's favorite and chicken" i smiled really big "sounds awesome" she said "wanna make the annoncement first?" Louis asked her "um, yeah" she said standing between Harry and Zayn what's going on?

May's POV: i stood between Harry and Zayn because i didn't know who the father was yet i had to wait until the baby was born. "Harry? Zayn?" i called looking at them Harry was staring at me. i took a deep breathe "I'm um" i stalled "go ahead" Louis said "I'm Pregnant" i finally said. Everyone except Lou's mouths dropped as i smiled "surprise" i said in a low voice Niall dropped his chicken "is it that bad?" i asked silence noone said a word "Zayn?" i asked turning to him he stared at me mouth dropped  "Harry?" i turned to him he was the same way. I moved from them and sat by Lou leaning on his shoulder as he rubbed my arm comforting me "what do I do?" i asked Louis "give them time" he kissed my forehead. This was gonna be a long Night.

About 5 minutes later Harry broke the silence "who's the father?" he asked i knew how mad harry got. He had a temper problem and i got scared as hell when he got angry i stayed quiet "who's the father?" his voice roise "i-i don't know" i said quietly playing with my fingers "is that why your tummy's big?" Niall asked rubbing it "yeah" i said smiling at him he looked up and smiled "i'm gonna have a nephew?" he asked "yeah you are" i said hugging him. Harry came over to me and stood me up an djust hugged me. Holy shit i needed this. I needed him to just hold me I hugged back and he whispered "i love you" i smiled "i love you too" there goes the tingles in my back making my knees go weak adn pulled away and put his forehead on mine i wrapped my arms around his neck as our lips were inches apart he leaned in and gave me the most assionate kiss of my life there goes the sparks lighting up the room. Louis, Niall, and Liam began clapping as i smiled through the kiss Zayn stood there silent watching us. Harry smiled and grabbed my hadn "who ever baby this is. I will be here for you no matter what ok?" he told me god i needed that too "ok" i smiled "me too" Liam, Niall, and Louis said Zayn still watching me "zayn you ok?" Liam asked Harry walked over to zayn and put his hand on his shoulder "what's wrong mate?" he asked Zayn's  fist swung and hit Harry right in his jaw. I gasped and ran to him "ZAYN YOU ASSHOLE" i yelled "i-im so sorry i couldn't control it" he said watching me smiling. Bastard.


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