(Rated R) Mayleen (May) Jones Lived In Donchester England with her aunt May Her Mom & Dad died in a car crash . Her and her friends Alex , Kayla , and Janae love One Direction They all have alot of twitter followers but Mayleen has the most shes beautiful with dirty red hair curving body and light freckles . Does everything change over a twitcam of one direction? does it change over a tweet? She has a secret that only Her & Alex know they've been friends the longest everyone except Kayla is 19 kayla's 18 . Is it meant to be? or is it just a summer thing? :) xx


7. Over Again..

May's POV:

After the interview we went to get some drinks but Perrie went back home because she had an interview of her own the next day, Me and Alex went home we didnt feel like getting drunk and doing stupid shit harry told me he wouldnt drink alot i trusted harry. "That interview felt long!" i whinned walking in the house with Alex "i know right, do you wanna rent a movie order pizza and have a girls night?" "Oh alex you read my mind love!" I ran upstairs to harry's room and threw on some sweat pants, my short grey uggs, a tank top, and put my hair in a messy bun. Alex put on the same but just wore some socks to walk around in! "What movie we watching?" i said as i sat on the couch "Toy Story 2" "Oh my gosh! I love Toy Story" she started the movie adn our pizza came i loved having these times with Alex we laughed and ate and just relaxed! "Soo" she said staring at the screen "What?" i was scared of her reply "Whats going on with you and Haz??" thats what i was scared of "nothing we are together" i began to laugh as she turned towards me "no shit but you know! do you love him?" she whispered a little when she asked if i loved him "i dont know" i had a smile spreaded across my face "awww love! you love harry!" she shouted "shutup!" i laughed and whinned until the front door flew open "HELLO!!" oh shit their drunk -_- me and alex paused our movie and went to help the drunkies "Hey babe" harry said kissing my cheek, See i knew i could count on him not getting drunk :) "hi love, wheres niall?" "he's in the car can you get him for me?" "sure" i ran outside to the car and grabbed nialls arm "come on niall" "nooo i dont wanna get out its warm in here" he smiled a little "pleasee ill give you pizza" "ooh ok!" niall quickly jumped out of the truck and into the house. I followed after him and heard a glass crash onto the floor i ran in the kitchen where everyone surronded the glass but everyone was in the way i couldnt see what happened! "Move! guys move i cant see!"  i tryed making my way threw the croud im 5'4 yes! im short :( when i saw what was in the middle of that circle i wish i never did ......

Harry's POV:

Me and zayn were arguing in the kitchen and before i knew it i was stabbed O.O this how it all started: Harry edward styles was born on Feburary 1 1994 wait wait... opps wrong story :) heres what happened foreal! : I walked in the kicthen to get some water because i had a major headache until zayn walked in screaming for no reason "Hey Styles!" he screamed to me "What?" "you have a beautiful girlfriend out there" he had a strange smirk across his face "don't touch her zayn" i was calm at first "oh don't worry im not gonna do any damage to that sexy body, just know she's with me tonight" he winked at me and i couldn't help my rage i punched him right in the jaw everyone gathered around me trying to calm me down until zayn got up and punched me in the stomach multiple times untile liam ripped him off i turned around to see may enter the house with nial and i felt a sharp pain in my back zayn broke a plate and stabbed me i felt myself losing blood and the last face i saw was mayleen's she had a shocked and angered look on her face i couldnt get any words out i just heard sirens and mayleen was talking to me but my eyes closed..............

May's POV:

I was crying my eyes out he wouldnt wake up! the doctor said they calle dlate and harry lost alot of blood the cut was pretty deep and he had pieces of glass still stuck in his back he layed there on the gurnee plae face eyes shut and his hair was all over his face we rushed to the hospital as we were in the ambulance i sat there with him in the back holding his hand hoping he would lock our fingers together like he always does. i told him everything when i say everything i mean everything .. "Harry just please i need you to wake up love" i stroked his hand "i love you babe, im gonna tell you everything when i was younger like 14 & 15 i was really insecure...i didnt know wwhat to do so i cut myself over and over until i felt atleast some pain go i was rushed to the hospital about 7 times i never wanted to go back, but when i heard your music i fell in love i mean it was truly love at first sight your songs helped me get threw tough times and i can honestly say im in love with you harry" i felt my tears roll down my cheeks we got to the hospital and they said i cant sit in there during the surgery i cried even more as i sat on the floor i dont know why i sat on the floor i just did .. i was soon joined by the rest of the guys and  alex kayla and janae. i guess they were over their hangovers. When i saw zayn's face i just lost it. "I hate you!!" i screamed tears still streaming down my face "May please im sorry!" he yelled back "Dont ever talk to me! this is your fault!! if it wasnt for you the love of my life wouldnt be in that damn hospital bed wondering if he would ever see the world again!! dont talk to me" i screamed i was full of anger! he ran over and hugged me "please im sorry please" i started beating his back with my fists "no! let me go zayn!" i started to get weaker and my hits got lighter and formed to hug him back. i just needed the comfort i started to bawl out crying into his chest i couldnt take the pain "it should've been me" i said softly still crying "no don't say that harry's strong" niall told me "niall! he lost alot of blood! no bodys that strong!" i started yelling again breaking the hug between me and zayn "i-im sorry" niall said softly i ran and hugged him "im sorry im just really upset its not your fault" he kissed my cheek "calm down love he'll be ok" the nurse came into the waiting room "is he ok?" i panicly asked "im afraid he lost to much blood" she replied i couldnt breathe i dropped to the floor crying even more "im so sorry, but there's one hope" she said "what is it?" liam asked softly "if someone could donate blood to him" i thought to myself me! i could ! it just wouldnt come out my mouth "m-m-me!!"i finally got out "come on then " the nurse reached for my hand i grabbed it until zayn yelled out "no! i did this adn i want to donate my blood to fix it" he looked at me then went away with the nurse i ran back to niall and let him hold me until i cryed myself to sleep.

Niall's POV:

Mayeen fell asleep right there in my arms i wiped the dried tears from her eyes adn the nurse and zayn came back about a hour later zayn had a bandage on his left arm and he was a little un-stable but the nurse said he would be better in about 35 minutes. "is harry awake?" i asked the nurse "yes you may go see him now" i told everyone that i was gonna take May in there first i carried her to his room "hey niall , is that mayleen?" harry asked with a smile across his face i sat may in a chair and hugged harry tight "your alive!" i said he laughed "yes niall im alive" he said . Mayleen started to wake up and when she saw harry more tears started to roll down her cheeks.

May's POV:

i was guessing i was asleep for about an hour well it was like 3 in the morning anad i was crying so of course i was going to sleep i remember fighting with zayn and falling asleep in niall's arms when i woke up i saw the most beautiful face ever! pale and all! he was awake i smiled really big as more tears fell down my face "love, why are you crying" i ran and hugged him "because i love you" i whispered to him "yes i know, and love never cut yourself again" he whispered back i looked at him confused at first and he gave me a are you surprised look you know when they raise an eyebrow and yea you get it. "you heard me?" "i'll just step out adn let you guys have your moment" niall said backing out the room "thank you' i mouthed to him " yes i did" harry said "but how ?" "love just becasue my eyes are closed and im on concious doesn'tt mean i cant hear!" he laughed a little until i pressed my lips against his , his soft pink lips moved in motion with mine his tongue slipped into my mouth adn as did mine before i knew it i was on top of him he was just so passionate. i couldnt control myself but i stopped before it went to far i mean we WERE in a hospital all the guys adn girls came in the room and hugged harry and told him how scared they were when zayn came in everyone got quiet then i rememebered zayn gave the blood to harry yea he was the reason we were here but he was also the reason harry was alive right now i ran to zayn and i hugged him close and tight " im sorry zayn, im so so soooo sorry! and i thank you for bringing him back " i said and i meant it all! "its ok may and your welcome. im done drinking because obviously i cant control what i do when im drunk" i kissed his cheek "yes! please stop" i laughed and so did everyone else.

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