(Rated R) Mayleen (May) Jones Lived In Donchester England with her aunt May Her Mom & Dad died in a car crash . Her and her friends Alex , Kayla , and Janae love One Direction They all have alot of twitter followers but Mayleen has the most shes beautiful with dirty red hair curving body and light freckles . Does everything change over a twitcam of one direction? does it change over a tweet? She has a secret that only Her & Alex know they've been friends the longest everyone except Kayla is 19 kayla's 18 . Is it meant to be? or is it just a summer thing? :) xx


10. Just Listen!

May's POV:

I couldnt bare to stay there and watch that bitch flirt with my boyfriend or whatever he is now. i couldnt believe he kissed her! she broke HIS heart ugh! maybe i saw it wrong? maybe it wasn't what i thought it was? i dont know but i just cant get the image out of my head. i just sat in my garden crying .. i left my phone at the house its been a hour or so since i left the party's probably over but i dont care. i wiped my tears when i heard the door close downstairs i thought my aunt was home and i couldnt just tell her harry did this because she would never let me talk to any of them ever again. I heard a deep yet raspy  british accent call my name "May? Mayleen? please talk to me! i know where you are" he climbed up my secret passage way to the garden and his tall figure shadowed over me "Mayleen" he whispered i didnt look up at him i just couldnt look into those green eyes that made me fall deep in love "May please, talk to me i need to explain" he knelt down in front of me and lifted my face up to his "harry, do you love me?" i asked in a low voice "what? no" my heart broke into a million pieces i felt the tears roll down my face "im IN love with you" he whispered into my ear i looked up to him and smiled thats when i knew he didnt really kiss her "she asked me to show her where the bathroom was so i did and she ulled me and i kept fighting it but she kissed me and thats where you came in i swear" he pleaded "babe, its ok" now lets go back  just let me grab some clothes"

Harry's POV:

We went into her room it was full of posters of my badnmates and i i smiled at the sight she was actually a directioner :) "oh my god no! you cannot see my room" she shoved me out but little did she know i already seen it all "babe its ok" she let me in and i sat on her bed as she packed her bag i looked around some more to find a little string i pulled it down and a whole shrine of me popped open before my eyes "woah!" i jumped at surprise she pooked her head out of the closet and just got stuck with her mouth open and eyes wide i started to crack up in laughter "babe, your obsessed" i laughed more as a frown appeared upon her face "i am not! i just really like you" she looked down and started laughing "yea ok im obsessed" i stopped laughing and looked at the shrine "is this my hair??" i asked "oh my gosh" she covered her face "how did you get it?" i asked laughing a bit "uh well, i was at your concert and i grabed a string when you hugged me at the end" she confessed i laughed even more and removed her hands "its ok". She stuffed some clothes into a tote bag and was ready to go when we got back i was expecting the party to be over but no. it was still as loud as it was when we left i helped May out of the car and walked into the house trying to avoid Caroline and luckly that's just what i did i went straight up to my room.

May's POV: Harry went upstairs i'm guessing he didn't want to bump into Caroline again i walked over to the kitchen which everyone was in taking shots. I grabbed 4 an jugged them all down and sat on the top of the counter. "what's wrong?" i heard a british accent say. I looked up to see Zayn in between my legs staring at me i laughed "nothing, nothing at all" i said rubbing his head he gasped once he noticed i messed his hair up "care to dance?" he asked " love too" i jumped down and we made our way to the dance floor as 'Sexy and I KNow it' started blasting "i work out!" i screamed dancing with Zayn obviously he cannot dance lmao! i think i'm a little drunk. "i'll be back" i told him over the loud music. I rann upstairs to see Harry laying on the bed in only Boxers "hello sex" i spoke closing the door "hello" he laughed as he sat up i walked over to the bed and got ontop of him "your perfect" i whispered to him "you're drunk" he whispered back i rolled my neck back allowing him to kiss it softly as i bit my lip tugging at his curls. His plump lips met with mine and our lips moved together he licked my bottom lip asking for enterance and i accepted our tongues fought together and he won. I slipped my shirt off and let him roll ontop of me as i laughed threw the kiss. "your bad" he mumbled against my lips "i can be badder" i said taking my pants off. He stripped me down the rest of the way and took his boxers off. I lay on  my back as he pused inside of me i bit my lip trying not to let the moan escape my mouth i arched my back as he started going faster and the moan slipped out he had a smirk on his face. As he thrusted harder, I got on top of him and bounced up an ddow giving him pleasure we both moaned. After about 2 hours we were still going as i heard someone come up the stairs i then remembered i was suppose to join Zayn back on tthe dance floor i heard a knock at the door and Harry groaned "Yes?!" he asked "Hey mate is May in htere?" Zayn asked "Yeah, She's uh asleep" Harry covered for me "oh, ok" Zayn said in a much lower tone why does he care so much? I got off the bed and crawled to the shower "noo, why are you leaving?" he whinned "shower come with me?" i asked he jumped off the bed as i turned on the hot water and lay on the floor "pick me up" i said raising my arms up he laughed and picked me up putting me into the shower "i love you" he said " i love you more" i said kissing him tugging on his bottom lip. Once we got out the shower i threw on some sweat pants and a sports bra.

I walked downstairs to see the place was a mess. The girls were on the couch watching a movie and slowly nodded off adn Zayn, Niall, and Louis were in the kitchen talking before i walked in i heard Zayn yell at Niall "Niall you don't fucking understand! I LIKE HER!!" he screamed "i-im sorry" Niall stuttered he did not make my little leprechaun cry! I walked in the kitchen "wats going on with you?" i asked Zayn staring into his eyes "you don't understand" his voice cracked i roled my eyes and looked at Niall who was being comforted by Louis i went over there and took his place i sat on Niall's lap "aw, stop crying your suppose to be my little leprechaun spreading magic everywhere right?" i asked wiping away his tears. I see niall as a baby brother he's so adorable! why would anyone want to hurt him? he laughed a little "i guess" he looked at his hands. "i llove you May" he said hugging me "I love you too Nialler" i said hugging back i got up and walked to Zayn "you better apologize yo my Baby!" i said in a harsh tone then flipped my hair in his face he laughed a little as i walked over to Louis "good sass?" i asked "very good" he said high fiving me i laughed adn walked to the fridge "MY HEAD IS HELL!" i yelled i grabbed water and jugged it down "woah" Niall said looking at the empty bottle i laughed and looked at Harry coming downstairs in sweat pants like mine with no shirt he came over and wrapped his arm around my waist "what happened Niall?" he asked looking at Niall "i took care of it" i sad acting Tough "i bet you did" he laughed. I kissed him "I am going to get those lazy girls off the couch" i said pointing to the couch i moved harry's hand and walked to the couch "Get up Hoes!" i yelled I heard the boys laughing from the kitchen. This night was extrodinHARRY ;)

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