(Rated R) Mayleen (May) Jones Lived In Donchester England with her aunt May Her Mom & Dad died in a car crash . Her and her friends Alex , Kayla , and Janae love One Direction They all have alot of twitter followers but Mayleen has the most shes beautiful with dirty red hair curving body and light freckles . Does everything change over a twitcam of one direction? does it change over a tweet? She has a secret that only Her & Alex know they've been friends the longest everyone except Kayla is 19 kayla's 18 . Is it meant to be? or is it just a summer thing? :) xx


3. Attacked

May's POV:

After we got back to the house from the hospital everyone was sitting on the couch watching a movie. "May are you ok?" Alex asked me "yes babe im fine thanks" we hugged and i saw zayn com "he downstairs with no shirt he saw me and ran towards me i hid behind harry "no no, mayleen come out im so so sooo sorry about that i didnt know what i was doing idont want our friendship to be ruined or anything please come out" i came from behind harry and stood in front of zayn he looked at my wrist then i hid it behind my back "did... did i do that to you?" i nodded staring at my wrist until he pulled me into a hug "im so sorry love" "zayn stop saying sorry its ok" "oh sorry, oops sorry , ugh!" "its ok zayn" i laughed alittle and he went to join the rest on the couch "Harry im going to go lay down" i started walking upstairs "ok love ill be up there in a few" he kissed my cheek and then joined the rest i walked up to his room and took my bra off to lay down and i just played on my phone for a little while i looked on twitter and saw many many metions from directioners "@WaddupMay i cant believe your with harry styles can you please tell him i love him" i think thats really sweet so i replyed "@Mrsstyles_ you can tell him your self hun @Harry_Styles your wife is talking to you" i exited out of the twitter app to go onto instagram and upload the pictures from me & harry & niall at the hospital "Caption: no worries im fine i have my doctors with me @harrystyles @nialler1993" i went back to twitter and saw "@Mrsstyles i love you too babe :)xx " from harry he's such a sweet chicken boy. I got mad love on instagram and twitter until i looked on my Twitter TL and saw "why is this bitch @WddupMay with my husband ? he doesnt wnat you! love you @Harry_Styles but why are you wasting your time on her?" i got really mad but harry stood up for my "@dirctioner5eva excuse me? shes wonerful and beautiful your not a directioner if your dishing on our friends not cool i love you too but dont be that way! .." from @Harry_Styles. i put my phone on the little table next too me and tryed falling asleep until the door opened "May are you asleep?" i knew it was harry because of his deep slow voice "no come on over" i waved him over.

Harry's POV:

I took my shirt off and layed down with her she scooted closer to me "i saw what that girl said to you on twitter" i broke the silence "and i saw you stick up for me thank you love" "your welcome anytime" she started to fall asleep and so did i. The next morning she wasnt beside me anymore so i put my shirt on and went downstairs everyone was awake and in the kitchen so i walked in to say goodmorning when she ran up too me and kissed me "goodmorning babe" she smiled at me i didnt know what was going on but i liked it "goodmorning love" i smiled back "you cooked?" i took a piece of bacon and ate it walking around the counter to hug her from behind until she got a phone call "hold on guys ill be right back" she walked upstairs and we all just talked about last night when she came back down with tears in her eyes grabbing her jacket "kayla,alex,janae come on we have to go" she started crying whiping her tears "wait whats wrong babe??" i was curious why was she crying? who called her? "nothing ill call you later but right now we need to go Girls come on!" "do you want me to drive you?" "noo harry but thank you" she hugged the boys and kissed me and hugged me tight "ill see you you um ... bye harry" she ran out of the door and i just stood there and looked at the door confused i looked out the window and saw the girls talking outside "WE JUST HAVE TO GO BACK I WILL EXPLAIN LATER!" Whatever was bothering her was BIG. i went up stairs and saw she left her phone on the bed so i looked on her twitter and saw her mentions were full of hate .. my eyes started tearing up looking at those mentions they were horrible.. her aunt had called her before she left i had a feeling thats why she left. i went back down and niall looked mad "niall whats wrong?" "we need to do a twitcam now" he went to his computer and we all went over to him "wait until we get enough viewers to start" zayn said when we reached 14k viewers we started "Hello! this is a surprise twitcam but very serious" liam said "So you all know we have been hanging out with a few friends and we've seen some bad things you have been telling them on twitter it needs to stop!" niall was serious "i got a text from my friend Janae and it reads 'the reason we had to leave so early is because May's aunt found out about all the hate mayleen got on twitter at first we all thought it was just from one person but it grew and her aunt said we cant be with you all anymore and May says to tell harry shes really sorry and thank you guys for all the help but we cant be friends anymore' guys this is not ok!! why do you attack them?!" when niall read the message aloud i felt the tears from my eyes fall i got up and went upstairs "Haz.." is all i heard when i went upstairs im pretty sure it was from Louis.

May's POV:

its been a month since we've been with the boys and i feel TERRIBLE! i miss them so much ive spent 2days with them and i feel liike ive spent my whole life with them I miss harry's arms being wrapped around me i miss the kiss i miss his beautiful green eyes staring at me its weird how i feel  this without even being around him for a week. its unfair im just gonna call him... not now...later. me , Alex ,Kayla, &Janae took showers then layed back and watched ENews! "Just this in is Harry Styles dating superstar Taylor Swift? find out more right after this break" i looked at the girls who too had their mouths wide open "oh my fucking gosh" is all i could say "he's not" alex said staring at the tv "he is not" kayla said the show came back on "our camera crew got pictures of the two love birds at the park earlier" 3 pictures of taylor & harry popped up onto the screen "wow" all i could say is wow i mean i know we werent dating we only had like 2 dates in 2 days but i felt like we were a couple for 2 years and it just hurts. "May, are you ok?" Alex tryed conferting me but i felt the tears stream down my face "Directioners are pretty mad about this whole 'Haylor' situation so we asked harry ourselves if the rumours were true here's our interview" "so harry what do you think of Taylor?" "well, um shes lovely.." "boys what do you have to say upon this?" the boys looked furious "uhh taylor's nice i guess" niall said i laughed alittle because you could tell he didnt mean it "so harry are you going to confirm 'Haylor'?" "um well no im not there is no Haylor we're just good friends" "we asked Taylor the same question and she actually confirmed it she said you were a very nice and sweet guy" "oh.." i laughed at his comment and turned the tv off. i got onto twitter & saw things like ' @taylorswift3 noone likes you!i rather @WaddupMay to be with harry shes waay better!"' harry actually tweeted that person back '@Jimmy_Protested_ thats really rude ..' wow harry. i got a call from Niall i and all the girls got totally excited  Convo: "Niall??" "No its harry" "oh..well i cant talk right now i gotta go" "wait no..can you come outside please?" "your at my house??" "just come out" he hung up "he's outside.." the girls rushed to the window and saw harry standing there waving looking at them . they waved back "Tell May i really need to see her!" he yelled "May-" "yes yes im going" I threw on a big sweatshirt and blue skinny jeans with my black converse and went outside. I saw harry standing there so i tapped his shoulder "you wanted to see me?" he pulled me into a big hug but i didnt hug him back "why arent you hugging back?" "because i dont want to.. now what do you want?" "whats wrong?" "oh i dont know maybe you havent called me in a month or contacted me any way oh but i understand you've been hanging with Taylor 'The Hoe' Swift right?" "woahh.. why would you say that about her? you dont even know her.. i didnt call you because you told me you would call me. and when you didnt i thought you forgot about me" "your sticking up for someone who is PLAYING YOU??!" "Mayleen calm down. shes not playing me she cares about me...." "harry have i ever lied to you?" "no but-" "haave i ever made you sad?" "no-" "did i kiss you and AUTOMATICALLY think we were dating?" "no" "exactly, no,no,no you've changed styles.. alot"

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