Wanna Be Loved

Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)


14. "We can't have that can we?"


     Harry was coming home today. Josh, their drummer, flew over a day earlier and was going to come get me from school at lunch and take me to the airport to get Harry. Josh had to practice for tonight and get everything set up. I was wearing a jade green long sleeve dress that was short and kind of flowed at the bottom. I was wearing black tights and my black wedge ankle boots. With a black leather cropped jacket, and my newly died brown hair in a messy bun. 


     I was counting down the seconds until 12 o'clock. I'm so ready to see Harry again. When the bell rung I literately ran to my locker and put my books up and grabbed my pocketbook. Josh was standing at the end of the hall. I ran to him and he hugged me. You had to love him. He was crazy and super nice and tons of fun to be around. Anyways we got in his car, ready to ride for like 30 minutes to the airport. "Your not gonna tell on my are you?" I ask him propping my feet up on his dash board. "For what?" He asks laughing at me. "If I smoke in here? You won't tell Harry, will you?" I beg him. "I guess not, but it better not smell like smoke when they get in here." He says shaking his head. "Good, thank you." I say pulling out my cigarettes and lighter. "I thought you quit smoking." He says looking at me. I pull the cigarette out of my mouth and say," That was before Harry left again." He nods," Is it that hard on you?"  I nod back," It's terrible." About half way there I roll down my window a little and throw the cigarette out, leaving the window down to get rid of the smoke smell. I pop a piece of gum in my mouth," see, now they'll never know." I smile and start chewing my gum. "Your not really gonna keep this from him are you?" He asks giving me this really? look. "For now." I say as we pull up and I hop out of the car and spray my self with perfume. Josh sniffs himself, "Okay, I'm clean." Then we walk inside. 


     We look around to find the boys and I see Paul standing to the side and Zayn walks out. Next is Louis, then Harry. When I see him I take off running to him. Paul runs into me and grabs me. "What in the world are you doing Paul?" I ask and he looks down at me," Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't recognize you." He says and lets me go. Harry starts walking up to Paul," Paul do you see Haley?" I look him in the eyes and say,"Do I look that different?" His mouth drops wide open and he wraps his arms around me. He pulls away and kisses me then says," Your hair. Your a brunette." He says and kisses me again. "Like it?" I ask him placing a hand on the top of my bun. "I love it." He says and puts his arms around my waist. 


     From the airport we went to the concert place. They had to do a sound check, get dressed, and  hair and makeup. Yes, they wear makeup. Which I found hilarious. I was laughing at Harry the whole time. After they got their hair and makeup done Lou Teasdale, their hair person, decided she wanted to play with my hair some and it ended up down with long loose/bouncy curls. Harry walked over to me holding a baby girl. "Aww, who is this?" I ask walking up to him. "Lux, she is Lou's daughter." he said bouncing the baby. "Lux, who am I?" he asks her starting to tickle her. " Hawy." she said in a cute little baby voice. "Aww." I say and clap my hands then hold them out to see if she will come to me. She shakes her head and clings to Harry. "What? you don't wanna come to me?" I ask then tickle her. She giggles a little then Harry says, "Lux, this is my girl friend. Isn't she pretty?" Lux nods her little head which makes me smile really big. "Can you say Haley?" he asks her. She shakes her head no. Harry tickles her and says, "Okay say hey." Lux then says," hey.' He says," now say lee." Lux giggles," wee." "Now say Hay-lee." Harry says to her. "Haywee." Lux says giggling. A couple minutes later they are called to go do a sound check and I grab my phone, and a cigarette and a lighter from my bag and walk outside. I light it and put it to my mouth then dial my friends phone. "Hey." she answers. "Hey. What time are ya'll coming? There at a sound check right now." I ask her. After we hang up the door opens and I walk away, not wanting anyone to see me. That was when I saw Zayn. He placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. I walked up to him and said," Thought you quit." gesturing to his mouth. "Ah, please don't tell Harry." He begged me pulling it out of his mouth. "Fine, I won't. As long as you don't tell on me." I say sticking mine back in my mouth. "Thought you quit." He mimicked the words I had just said to him. "Funny," I said nodding," I did, until Harry left a little over a week ago." "I don't like lying to him. I just don't know how to tell him." I add throwing my cigarette down and stomping on it to put it out.  "They tried to help me stop. Its hard." He says doing the same with his. "Are they back in the dressing room?" I ask putting my hands in my jacket pockets. "Yea." he says, nodding. "Shoot. I forgot to bring some gum. Harry is gonna bust me." I say walking to the door. He pulls a pack out of his pocket and takes a piece for him then hands me a piece. "We can't have that can we?" I laugh and walk in. 



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