Wanna Be Loved

Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)


39. the way I Wanna Be Loved.

     We walked down to the dining room and were directed to our table. Harry pulls my chair out and I sit, what a gentle men. Then he awkwardly walks around to the other side, where the only other seat was. Our table we being shared with a family we didn't know, which was slightly strange. "Hey, you must be our table partners." A man maybe the age of my step father spoke up. "Yes, sir. I'm Harry Styles and this is my wife Haley." Harry said gesturing to us. When he said Styles a little girl who was sitting at the end of the table playing with some game shot her head up, with a giant smile on her face. "Its nice to meet you." The man added," My name is Ryan. This is my wife Savanna," he motioned towards her so we both waved. " This is our son Conner." He motioned to a boy probably about 13," And our daughter Payton." We waved at both of them and then Ryan started talking to Harry about things and their jobs came up, oh how I hate when his job comes up. "I am a lawyer." Ryan speaks up and Harry says," Really? I thought about being a lawyer when I was growing up but I got into singing and now I'm in a band called One Direction." "One Direction?" he asks. "I have heard that before." I just smile when he connects it. " Payton, is that the band you like so much?" She just nods her head and Harry smiles. 


     After a very awkward dinner we went to watch one of the shows on the ship and then to check out the bar, because surprisingly we hadn't been there yet. After both of us had gotten plenty drunk we headed back to our room. 



     The rest of our honey moon went by like that. It was so much fun. When we got to Hawaii we went snorkeling, it was beautiful. I loved beings with Harry and apart from every once in a while a fan coming up to him, enjoying the peace of his job not getting in the way of us being us. I truly loved Harry with all my heart. He is my everything, and he always will be. Until death do us part. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him all because I really believe he does and always will, love me the way I Wanna Be Loved. <3  

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