Wanna Be Loved

Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)


4. the A team

     We watch hundreds of movies, well not really but by the time we finish it is five in the afternoon. I dozed off multiple times during the movies, waking up to find my head in Harry's lap or on his shoulder. I fell so comfortable with him. It feels like I was made for him, and him for me. Its like I have known him my entire life. Niall and Louis left about an hour ago, Niall was going to hang out with Lacey some and Louis was going to hang out with his girlfriend Eleanor. This left me and Harry. I woke up to my head laid on his naked shoulder and his head leaned back on the couch asleep. I kissed him to wake him up. and he moaned. "Harry," I say and shake him a little,"wake up." Finally he woke up and smiled at me," What time is it?" "Five something." I tell him pretending to check my watch. He laughs then asks me," Hungry?" I nod my head and we finally decide that I have to go home soon. He grabbed my hand and pulls me into his room. He puts on a shirt and starts putting on a shoe while I get my clothes from last night. "Harry, my car is still at the bar." I say throwing his second shoe at him." How about I take you there to get your car then follow you to your place and we hang out there for a while?" He asks. I nod," Sounds fun." 

     We get in his car and head off to the bar. He turns the music up and a song I had heard a couple of times comes on. The A Team by Ed Sheeran, I am a major Ed Sheeran fan. I look at Harry wondering if he knew this song. Evidently he did because before I could really get a good look at him he started singing loudly:

They say shes in the class A team 

Stuck in her daydream

Been this way since 18

But Lately her face seems

Slowly sinking, wasting

Crumbling like pastries

I look at him for a moment then join in,

And they scream

the worst things in life come free to us

'cause were just under the upper hand 

and go mad for a couple grams

and she don't wanna go out side tonight

and in a pipe she flies to the motherland

or sells love to another man

its to cold outside

for angels to fly

angels to fly.

     He smiles really big and turns the volume down,"You know you sing really well, right?" "Me?" I ask wrinkling my nose up at him. He laughs," Yes, you. Your really good." "Thank-you, I guess, I get it from my daddy. He was the best at everything." "Was?" Harry asks looking at me confused. "Yea," I say and look down. "Oh," Harry says and looks at me. I sniffle a little then tell him," I lost him when I was five. He was my best friend. I have been living with my mom and step dad ever since. My parents were divorced and I lived with him. And besides you Lacey is the only one I have told any of this to." I wipe my eye and he says, "I'm sorry Haley I didn't know. I'm here for you okay, you can tell me anything." He takes one hand off of the steering wheel and grabs my hand in his.

-Harry's POV-

     What is wrong with me? She is supposed to be a one night stand! I am not supposed to feel this way about her. I shouldn't want to just hug her and comfort her right now as shes crying. She told me about her father, something she doesn't tell anyone about. Why would she tell me? Does she trust me? I haven't even known her for a whole day yet. My mind was going crazy with these feeling I can't even explain. I'm falling for her, hard and very fast. 

-Haley's POV-

     We pulled up to the bar and I got out and into my car. Harry was going to follow me to my house. I pulled up at our apartment. My step-dad owned the top two floors of a big building in New York, so we moved in there. I parked and got out grabbing my things and waiting for Harry. Harry got out of his car and looked at me shocked," You live here?" "Yea, my step father." I say laughing. 



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