Wanna Be Loved

Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)


28. "no you don't guess. you know."

-Harry's POV-

     I can't believe she said that. Why is she doing this to me. It wasn't my fault I couldn't be here, I was out living my dream. "Harry." she says and I turn around. She tosses me her ring, the engagement ring. "No, you keep it." I tell her throwing it back and walking out her door. When I got outside I crumbled, this can't be happening. She can't be leaving me. I love her to much for this to break us up. She is my everything, I can't live with out her. I ran down the hall and out the door then I flagged down a taxi and asked it to take me to my apartment. When I walked in the first thing I did was grab a bottle of vodka and sat on the couch, crying my eyes out draining the bottle. 

-Louis's POV-

     We got off the plane and headed straight to Harry's apartment. I hope Haley is okay, it would kill him if anything happened to her. We walked to his apartment and Liam knocked on the door. He didn't answer but the door was unlocked so we walked in. Harry was sitting on the couch crying violently holding a bottle of vodka. We like in sync dropped our bags and ran to him sitting around him saying in different random ways," Oh my God, Harry what happened? Is she okay?" "She's fine." was all he said and took another sip out of the bottle. "Then whats wrong?" I asked placing my hand on his knee comfortingly. "She was pregnant. But she miscarried, and she was so mad at me." he just starts crying again and pulls his hand up to wipe his eyes. "Harry, its going to be okay. She will get over it. I promise." Liam says trying to comfort him. "She won't, she threw the ring at me, but I told her to keep it. And she said we needed to take a break." he sniffles a little then continues," She said she doesn't think she can take it, and that I'm never going to be there for her."  We were all just sitting there trying to comfort him, he really loved her. You could tell it, he has never cried like this over a girl before. Zayn was just sitting there quietly and then all of a sudden he stood up and grabbed his jacket and walked out the door.


-Zayn's POV-

     How could she do this to him? How could she have possibly been pregnant? So many questions were running through my head and I had to find the answers. I got up and grabbed my jacket and ran out the door, heading to the hospital. When I got there I saw Perrie and El sitting on a bench. "What room is she in?" I asked them as they stood up slowly and Perrie hugged me tight and I gave her a kiss. "436," was all I heard and I started walking in that direction. I was so mad at her. "Zayn!" Perrie yelled from behind me. I turned around and she jogged up to me, "How's Harry? He didn't look too great when he walked out of here." "Not too good. I have to talk to her." I say and turn back in the direction of Haley's room and walk down the hall until I see the numbers 436 on the wall. I slam the door open and yell, "Haley, whats wrong with you?" "Zayn, calm down." she says sitting up in her bed. "No, I can't calm down. Harry is at his apartment crying his eyes out, drunk and its because you hurt him Haley! You hurt him. Are you happy now?" "No, Zayn. I'm not happy, would you please calm down and let me explain." she starts crying. I pace around the room a little trying to calm down and then finally I stop and say," Okay, explain to me how its okay for you to break his heart. Explain how you can possibly be mad at him when he stops in the middle of the tour because your in the hospital and gets the first flight he can to fly here, all the way from Australia, to make sure your okay. Go ahead, try to make this all seem okay." "Zayn, its not okay. I love him too. You know that, this is hard for me too Zayn. I know its not right, and in no way fair. We can't pick who we fall in love with Zayn, it just happens. But he's not good for me. I can't have him going off every couple of months. I need him here, I need someone who can be here for me." "That doesn't fix anything. Your broke him Haley." I say quietly sitting down on her bed. " I know. I just, I need some time to think about this. I'm not ready to settle down to a guy who isn't even here half the time." "You could come with us. And your not the only one, Haley, what about El? What about Perrie, I leave her all the time just like Harry leaves you. But that's okay. That's what makes us stronger, Haley. You just have to be strong." "But I'm not strong. I rely on stupid stuff, alcohol, cigarettes. I'm not cut out for this." "Haley you have been living with out your daddy in your life for how long now?" "12 years." she mumbles looking down. "I think that's pretty strong, don't you? I couldn't do it." She smiles a little and I continue, "If you can make it 12 years with out a man in your life don't you think you could manage for a couple of months?" "I guess." "No, you don't guess. You know." 


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