Wanna Be Loved

Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)


5. "my parents aren't home"


-Haley's POV-

 He walked over to me and laced his fingers with mine, then pulled them up and kissed them. We walked into the building and I pulled him over to the elevator. I press the button for the top floor and we slowly go up. I get my key out of my bag and we walk to the door. I unlock it and then we go in. They lights were off, great my mom or step dad weren't here. I turn them on and drag Harry inside. "Wow, nice place," he says looking around. "Thanks," I say then let go of his hand and walk into my room. My room was big and white. I had a queen size bed with white sheets and a black cover that when I made up I placed sideways, I don't know why it just looks cool. I have a random white book shelf filled with tons of books. Then your basic black dresser, vanity, TV,  yea bedroom stuff. I placed my bag on my bed then went to my closet and grabbed a small black tank top and then got some pink Hollister pj shorts and a bra and thong from my dresser. Harry walked in and sat on my bed. "Harry, I need to take a shower." I tell him grabbing my hair brush, taking my hair down and starting to brush threw it. "Can I join you?" He asks looking at me all pleased with himself. I shake my head sternly but he gets up and comes behind me and starts kissing my neck. "Please?" he mumbles against my ear. "Harry," I moan at him annoyed. He continues to kiss all down my neck and I finally give up,"Fine, Harry you can shower with me." He smiles at me and he follows me into my bathroom.

     I grab two towels and place them on the sink along with my tank top and shorts. Harry comes behind me and grabs the bottom of his jack wills sweatshirt that I'm wearing and pulls it up and off me. I smile and then turn to him and pull his t-shirt off. Next I pull off the sweatpants that I'm wearing. Then he pulls his off. He reaches behind me and unhooks my bra, which I slide off then we both take off our underwear. He smiles at me really big and I playfully hit him in the gut. He laughs then we both step in the shower. 

     -Harry's POV-

     We got in the shower and she stepped under the shower head and wet her hair. I just stood there and watched her. He reached down and got some shampoo in her hands then gently massaged it into her hair then rinsed it out. She did this again with what I assumed was conditioner. Next was my turn, I got some soap in my hands and she turned around with her back towards me. I gently massaged the soap into her shoulders and around her neck. 

-Haley's POV-

     He was massaging my neck, it was all soapy and hot and I never wanted him to stop touching me. He bent down and kissed my neck. "Harry," I ask him as he is still kissing my neck. "Humm?" He asks into my neck. "My parents aren't home and they will probably be gone for a while." I tell him trying to give him a hint. "Is that so?" he asks trying to tease me. I nod and he turns me around to face him. His lips touch mine passionately and he slams me up against the shower wall. After a couple moments of making out in the shower he picks me up honeymoon style and carries me into my bedroom and slams me down on the bed climbing on top of me. Since I'm pretty sure you know what happens next I'm just going to let you think up your own ideas about this little part. 


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