Wanna Be Loved

Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)


25. " have fun at school "

     We left to go back to New York a couple days later. I had to start back school on the fourth so we couldn't stay away for very long. Also Harry had to go back on tour, in Australia this time. The boys were all meeting back up here and then flying to New York. I woke up wrapped in Harry's arms. He was still asleep, so I gently moved his arms and got up to take a shower, I had school today. When I got out I brushed my teeth and walked back in my room. Harry was still asleep but now turned stomach down. I walked over and slapped his butt," Wake up." He groaned and reached out and grabbed my wrist. "Harry, come on. I have school this morning. You have to get up." He rolled around and pulled me on top of him. I touched the tip of his nose with my finger and smiled really big. "Do you have to go to school?" He asks me with pleading eyes. "Yes, Harry because I intend on marrying you and that's not going to happen until I graduate. So, do you want me to graduate? Because I'm already behind." "Fine," he says letting go of me and going to take a shower. I blow dry my hair and straighten it then put it in a loose ponytail in the back of my head. I wore some dark skinny jeans knee high flat brown boots, and a blue-green button up shirt with a long brown blazer and a cream colored scarf. Harry came out while I was putting on my make up and got dressed in some sweats and his new hoodie that I got him for Christmas. "Ready?" he asks me sitting on my bed. "I guess." I reply and he takes me hand and we walk downstairs. We go to Starbucks before he takes me to school. 

     I was sitting with my feet propped up on his dash board. "Cigarettes?" he asks me holding his hand out for me to give them to him. "Oh, come on Harry. This is gonna be hard enough already." I complain. He just shakes his head and motions with his hand for me to put them there. "Fine, i'll give them to you,"  I say digging through my purse," If you let me smoke one before we get there." "No." He says looking at me like I'm crazy, with his eyebrow raised. "Okay then." I tell him putting my purse back in the floorboard. He groans, "You drive me crazy, you know that right." He shakes his head, "Fine, go ahead. But roll your window down some." I smile really big and take one out of the pack then hand him the rest. I light it and then give him my lighter. 

     When we pull up to the school I put it out and stick it in a cup in his car. "I love you." I tell Harry and he smiles, "I love you to. I just wish you wouldn't do that." "I'm sorry. See you at 3?" I ask and he nods then leans in and kisses me, "Bye, I love you. Have fun at school." He laughs when I get out and stick my tongue out at him. Then I walk in the building. 



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