Wanna Be Loved

Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)


30. "first thing you get home"


             When the song ended we continued to sway in a little circle holding each other as close as we could. People started clearing out a little later and Harry whispered in my ear, "lets go home." I nodded gripping my hand around his neck pulling him closer to me not wanting to let go. He smiled and grabbed my hand from around his neck locking it with his and leading me out the door. We got in his car and I couldn't keep my hands off of him. He was driving me crazy, why did he have to live so far from my school. He started laughing at me and his dimples were killing me. "Harry." I moaned sitting back in my seat. That got him, his smile dropped and he stared me in the eyes and I watched them turn black, filled with lust. I smiled when he looked away and back at the road.                When we pulled up at his apartment he got out and ran over to my side opening my door and pulling me out. He pulled me to him by my hips and kissed me passionately trying to slip in his tongue. I gave in and let it in and I tangled my hands in his hair and then he pulled away and grabbed my hand pulling me with him to the door. "Wait, Harry. I'm wearing heels." I say stopping him and taking them off. He grabbed my hand and we ran inside and into the elevator. He slammed me against the wall and starting sucking at the weak spot on my neck. He mumbled into it," Don't ever leave me again." I tangled my hands back in his hair and in between moans I got out the word,"Never." When the elevator opened he picked me up honey moon style and carried me to the apartment door, kissing me sloppily on the lips. He fumbled getting the door open finally it slung open to a random Louis. I dropped my heels and opened my eyes and he winked and gave me a little smirk then Harry walked us down the familiar hall and into his room. He put me down and went to my back carefully unzipping me dress. "This dress was beautiful  but I think I like it better off." He says when he gets it unzipped and helps me pull it off. He starts kissing me neck, his hands everywhere rubbing my naked body. I pull off the jacket to his tux and throw it on the ground and then grab his tie and unloosen it. He looks up for a minute and I pull it off his head and he returns back to what he was doing. I start unbuttoning his shirt and throw it on the ground, next was his belt. He picked me up and laid me on his bed and climbed on top of me. "Harry." I moaned and he smiled, he liked it when I moaned. He started at my neck and trailed down planting sloppy wet kisses all down my body, down to my underwear line. I reached down and unbuttoned his pants and started pulling them off. He got frustrated, ready for them to be off, and pulled them off his self. He pulled my underwear off and them when I finally got his boxers off he reached in the drawer to his nightstand and handed me a silver packet and returned to kissing me everywhere. I opened it and slipped it on him and then well you know what happened....               I woke up the next morning back in Harry's arms, right where I belonged. He was still asleep so I rolled over so I was on top of him and started leaving sweet little pecks on his neck. He moaned and smiled a little so I knew he was awake. I bit him, to leave a little mark on his neck. He opened his eyes and I kissed his lips. "Morning sleeping beauty,"I joked and rolled off of him. "Morning," he said turning towards me and kissing me. "I love you." I tell him looking into his eyes. "I love you too." "I missed you so much, Harry. I'm so sorry, I was stupid." "No, you were just upset. Its okay. I'm sorry about..." he trailed off and I shook my head. "It's okay," I paused for a second," I didn't know I was pregnant. I would have told you if I knew." I tell him and he shakes his head," I didn't think about that. All I thought of was if you were okay. I know you would have told me." I smile and he pulls me into him and places his hand on my belly," Someday we can have however many babies you want." I smile at that and lay my hand on top of his," Good. Because I have always wanted one." He laughs a little," I wan't a daughter  and to name her Darcy. She will have my curls and I wan't her to have your little nose." He says touching the tip of my nose. I squench it up at him and he laughs. "Haley Marie Styles," I say then laugh a little," I like it." He rolls over on top of me, holding himself up by his elbows. He kisses me then smiles,"I like it to." We talk a little while longer about meaning less things then Louis knocks and says," Aye, Love birds. Get up." I laugh a little, poor Louis. "Give us a minute." Harry yells back and sits up offering me his hand and I sit up to. "Harry, what am I going to wear? I didn't wear a bra here." I tell him getting up and putting my underwear on. He looks in his drawers and pulls out a black lace bra that I had left over here, back when I like basically lived here. He throws it to me along with some of my sweats and a tank top. "Thanks babe." I tell him slipping then on and then going to look at my hair. "Ew." I say and widen my eyes when I get to the mirror. "Harry, you let me look like this?" I say undoing the braid and brushing it out with his brush. "You look gorgeous baby. You always do." He says coming up behind me holding a head band. I smile at him when he puts on his silly little head band and a beenie. "So its true, huh?" I ask and he smiles leaning up against his dresser. "My friends, their directioners."I add then pause a little trying not to laugh," one of them asked if its true that you wear a beenie the day after you do it." He starts laughing," No. Not true. I wear one on a bad hair day too." I smile at him and shake my head then go back to my hair, it was a half curled half not mess. I ended up braiding it loosely and then Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door and into the kitchen. "I'm starving." he tells me looking at the clock. He realizes it is only like 9:30 and cooks some pancakes. I sit at the table and Louis walks in. "Morning lovebirds." "Morning Louis." I say and he sits across from me. "Next time, give me the heads up to make plans to stay somewhere else please." He says and I blush. Harry brings me some pancakes and sits beside me. "Where's your ring?" he asks after he finished his pancakes. Whoops. "Top drawer of my dresser."I say kind of scared. He nods," I expect it back on your finger first thing you get home." he said calmly then takes a sip of his drink. Thank the Lord he wasn't mad at me.  

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