Wanna Be Loved

Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)


36. exploring the ship

     I stood in our room as Harry stood behind me. I was just taking it all in as he placed his hands on my shoulders moving my hair to the other side and kissing my neck. "Wanna go for a midnight swim?" he mumbled into my ear then moved back  down sucking at my neck. "Mhmm." I moaned as he hit my sweet spot. He moved away taking off his blazer and v neck, laying them on the bed. Next he unbuttoned his pants and slowly slid them down, teasing me. He smirked as he realized I was watching and stepped out of his pants still in his boxers. He walked up to me pulling the halter over my head and walking away as I pull it off along with my shoes, completely naked except for my black lace underwear, El said I had to go all out for the honey moon so we went lingerie shopping about a week ago. 

     I put on a black strapless bikini and pulled the flowers out of my hair letting the curls fall over my shoulders. Harry came back  from the bathroom in some swim trunks, which I didn't realize until I hear a whistle from behind me. I turn around and blush and he laughs," I love that I still make you blush," coming up to me placing a hand on my cheek. "Ready?" he asks and I nod and he grabs one big towel and our room key. "Harry, there is two of us." I say confused by the one towel. "I know." he says smirking pleased with him self as we run out of the room and in the elevator heading down to the pool. 

     When we get to the pool I dip my toes in to see if it is cold as Harry lies our stuff in a chair. All of a sudden I am lifted from the ground honey moon style. "Ready?" he asks smiling as I look up at him, clutching onto his chest. "Please don't drop me." I beg him and he smiles," hold your breath." I do as I'm told and suddenly feel cold water all  around me, still in Harry's arms. "Harry!" I yell to him as he lets me go and swims to the other side of the pool. "Yes Mrs. Styles?" he asks me propping up at the edge of the pool. I smile at him shaking my head still not completely used to that. I swim over to him and he pulls me around my waist to him, sucking at my neck and biting leaving marks. "Harry." I moan leaning my head back in pleasure. "What do you want, Haley? I'll do anything." He replies to my moan rubbing my back. I rest my head on his shoulder and stretch up whispering in his ear," Make love to me, Harry." "Are you sure?" he asks trying to tease me, part of his little game. "Don't tease me Harry, I know what I want. I love you." "I love you more." He replies pulling me to look him in the eyes. "Then show me you love me more." 


     When we get back to our room he lies me on the bed still completely wet. He eagerly pulls off my bikini top and kisses all over my breast. "God, Haley. I love you so much." He says pulling up to my face gently making his way down my body as my hand grips his hair, which I know he hates for anyone to touch  besides me. "Harry." I moan as he trails lower and lower, pulling my bottoms off. "Haley," he calls my name and I look down at him. "Can you reach my bag?" he asks and I shake my head," No, Harry. It doesn't matter, I love you." Then he nods and pulls himself back up to my head. "Haley I want you to watch me the whole time okay?" He asks and I nod and then our hips lock as we both moan out of pleasure. 


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