Wanna Be Loved

Okay, not great at these so here you go. My name is Haley. My life isn't perfect, its very far from it. But when I meet 1/5 of One Direction it gets pretty close to it. (Harry Styles fan fiction)


40. A/N**** Please Read!

Hey! I have  deleted every authors note now, besides this one. Also I am done with this story, I am planing on a sequel which I will start right after I finish this Authors Note. I hope yall enjoyed part one and I hope part two will be as successful as this one. I loved writing this and really hope you enjoyed it! Please don't forget to comment. I really want to know what you think and I need a title for the next one.. So also you are more than welcome to suggest anything. I will give who ever I pick credit. Also if you want you may email me at haley_tomlinson@aol.com or my kik and twitter are @haleymarie2016 if you want to talk to me there. And my instagram is onedirectionbabyy2016 so if you have an instagram pleasee follow me. Once again I hope you liked it and I will be posting the sequel and I will make another author's note with the title included. I think that's basically it. So to wrap it all up, pleaseeee comment, like, favorite, kik, tweet, and email me! Love yall! Thank you so much for all of your support in Wanna Be Loved. I hope you loved it as much as me. Pleasee read my sequel I would be majorly bummed if it turns out like my other ones where no one reads it.


Haley Marie Styles<3  

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