Back For You

Hazel is happy. She is 22 and married to the love of her life Harry Styles and has a 1 year old baby named Darcy. Everything is perfect until things start to go wrong. Enemies are made and plans change. Will Hazel be able to keep her family safe and together?


1. I Love You

*Hazel's POV*

I awoke to the sound of crying. I started to get up when I was pulled back down. "I'll get her babe," my husband, Harry said sleepily. "You sure?" I asked. He nodded and left our room to get our 11 month old daughter, Darcy. I've been married to the love of my life, Harry Styles, for 2 amazing years. I had Darcy a year into our marriage and we couldn't have been happier. "And here's our beautiful baby girl," Harry said. He then walked in carrying a smiling, brown haired, blue eyed girl. She was wearing a floral skirt and a pink top to match.  "Hi my girl," I said in a baby voice. Harry laughed. He then handed me Darcy and sat down next to me. "You have mail Hazy," Harry said, calling me by my nickname he made up for me. I smiled at his cuteness. "What is it?" I asked. He shrugged. I opened the envelope to reveal a fancy letter. I unfolded it and read it silently with Darcy still on my lap. After I read it I started screaming. I passed Darcy back to Harry and started jumping up and down. "They want me to start my own fashion line and model for it!" I shrieked. Darcy then started laughing and clapping her tiny hands. Harry was smirking. "The letter says that I am very talented and they loved my sketches!" I stopped to think. "But how would they of seen my sketches?" I asked, turning to face Harry. "Do you have an idea Harold?" I asked using his full name. "Well, I might of -" "Harry Edward Styles! You sent in my sketches?" He nodded. I frowned, Harry knew that I wanted those to be private, but then I smiled, if he hadn't done that this wouldn't have happened. The great opportunity for out family. "You are truly the best, baby," I told him. Then I leaned in a kissed him. "One thing though. Next Saturday I have to go to New York City for a week. To get things started and things like that," "What's the problem then? I mean you get to go somewhere you always wanted to go," Harry stated. "True but you will be with Darcy alone," I said worried. "Babe, I will be fine, trust me," Harry told me reassuringly. I nodded. "Your right, I guess I am just making up excuses because I will miss you both so much," I said, hugging him. "We will miss you too. A lot!" Harry replied, kissing my cheek. he hugged me tightly and said, "Now let's go have breakfast, Darcy here looks starving!" Harry said with a smile. We then walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Harry put Darcy into her highchair and said, "OK babe, you make Darcy's foo and I'll make us some pancakes," "Perfect," I said with a grin. I then went to the fridge and pulled out some fruit. Then I started mixing her baby food into a bowl. I cut up bananas, peaches and watermelon and set it on her tray. I then sat in front of her and also started feeding her the baby food. Once she finished that, Harry placed a plate of blueberry pancakes in front of me. My favourite! "Thank you Harry," "For what?" he asked confused. "For everything," I said placing my lips lightly on his. He smiled. "Anything for you," When I go to New York City I am going to miss my family. 

~ After Breakfast ~

"Babe, Lou texted me asking if we wanted to visit his flat for the afternoon. Is that alright?" Harry asked. "Of course! We can then tell him the news!" I answered excitedly. Harry nodded and then suddenly started staring out the window. "Harry? Babe, what's up?" I asked him concerned. I then waved my hand in front of his face. He then said, "I have the best idea EVER!" I nodded, motioning for him to continue. "How about Lou comes over for the week you leave and helps me with Darcy! Not that I need it," He said with a smirk. I laughed. "That is brilliant! He does love Darcy," I stated. "Let's go over to his place now and ask him," Harry suggested. I nodded and grabbed Darcy's diaper bag and toy bag. Time to see Louis. 

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