Christmas Morning

This is a poem about Christmas Morning, the most exciting day of the year! I hope that you like the cover that I have made. This cover is for the competition. My picture shows a small child opening presents on Christmas morning because that is what this poem is all about! Hope you enjoy!


1. Christmas morning

I groaned as my eyes fluttered open

I had just had the worst sleep of my life, but soon it would be worth it.

I took a deep breath a my heart beat fast and my pulse started to race.

I pulled back the covers and set one foot on the cold floor.

I shivered.

I walked across the landing, trying not to make a sound.

I set one foot on the stairs, and the stair let out a loud creak.

I heard a groan.

Mum was awake!

I decided to wake her up so she could see me open my presents.

I gave her a shake and she was awake.

She started to groan and complain about what time it was and told me to go back to bed.

But I could no longer hold my excitment. I rushed down the stairs and paused at the door.

I waited for Mum to come down.

I heard a pounding on the stairs ans she walked down, so tired.

"Well, go on!" she prompted.

I took a deep as I pulled the handle.

I walked into the room and to my delight I spotted a little black labrodour, with gleaming black eyes, staring at me in his basket.

I smiled and thought to my self

" He is real and he's done his job."

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