Pitch, Please!

Wining sectionals was great and all, but wining regional's would be something. Delany and Harry couldn't be any more happier together, they had awesome times going on double dates with Niall and Demi or Zayn and Perrie. But after an ugly split up between one of the couples in Manchester Mixers causes one of them to leave and make their own a Capella group, what side will they all choose? Will Manchester Mixers even make it to regional's in one piece or will this new a capella club at school get the best of them? You'll have to find out in this sequel to Pitch Slapped!


22. Ridiculous

I turned around to see him rise from the seat he was sitting in, he was still clapping as he looked up at me.

"That my dear was spectacular!" He smiled.

"Were you spying on me?" I asked.

"No, not at all. If I was spying I wouldn't have let you know I was here." He smirked.

"You need to stay away from me." I pointed at him and started to walk away.

"Just like you stayed away from me?" I heard him call.

I stopped and turned toward the top of the steps to where he was, "What are you talking about?"

"You trashed my room, start a new a capella group, and you kiss one of my best friends right in front of me. It's obvious that you still want me." He explained.

"Harry," I started off, "I am truly sorry for trashing your room, starting the new a capella group was Perrie's idea, and kissing Niall was all just to win that sing off. I do not want you anymore and you need to understand that." 

"Right." He laughed.

"Harry, what I said was the truth." I stated.

"Yeah, I get most of it was the truth, but you still want me."

"Or maybe you still want me?" I questioned.

"Don't be ridiculous-"

"Harry if you were over me you would have gone to the dean and told him I trashed your room, because you knew it was me all along. So don't you think I'm being ridiculous. Your the one who punched Niall. Did you ever see me punch Danielle?" I thoroughly explained. I got no response from him so I turned and walked away heels still in my hand.

"You're right." Harry called after me. I ignored him and kept walking, I was done. I felt a hand grab my arm and I turned around to see Harry. "You're right. I'm the crazy jealous one. I can't see you with any other guy, but me. It killed me inside when you kissed Niall, it kills me just thinking about it. Delany, I've never felt this way before, I don't know what it is. I think I might be falling for you."

I pulled my arm away from his grip, "Harry don't be ridiculous. You cheated on me remember? You caused all of this."

"And now I know why. With you everything was so different and happier, but with Danielle I didn't feel what I felt with you." Harry said.

"I'm not some experiment of yours Harry." I told him.

"I know that and I don't want to lose you again. Delany, all I want is you, for the rest of my life, everyday." He looked into my eyes.

"Harry, I think you need to stay away from me." I said and turned and started running towards my dorm. He needed to go I wasn't good for him and he wasn't good for me.


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