Pitch, Please!

Wining sectionals was great and all, but wining regional's would be something. Delany and Harry couldn't be any more happier together, they had awesome times going on double dates with Niall and Demi or Zayn and Perrie. But after an ugly split up between one of the couples in Manchester Mixers causes one of them to leave and make their own a Capella group, what side will they all choose? Will Manchester Mixers even make it to regional's in one piece or will this new a capella club at school get the best of them? You'll have to find out in this sequel to Pitch Slapped!


18. Boy Bands & Bad

It was seven thirty on the dot as we sat at a table in the lobby. We all looked amazing. Perrie kept telling me that I looked like Sandra Dee at the end of Grease. We all had our lipstick on, M stitched on, and our heels nice and tall. 

Once everyone made their way into the lobby, we headed down to the amphitheater. I was the first to walk down the steps and I saw the Mixers were already their. Like Perrie said, Danielle quit. She was no where to be seen. So that meant the Mixers were now an all male group. I as we made our way to the stage I saw a colorful spinning wheel and a man I did not recognize.

"I'm Zach, the theater's keeper." The man began, he had to be a senior. "This is how the game goes, I spin the wheel it lands on a song types, artists, decade, gender, etc. The list goes on. The group who finishes the song the sing wins the round we have five rounds. The final round is last man standing. You sing a song and can't remember the lyrics or if the other team takes over your out. One by one you're eliminated. The winner get's the theater to rehearse in for the rest of the year. Get the game?" Zach looked at both teams and we all nodded. Zach spun the wheel. 

Harry looked at me and smirked. I rolled my eyes.

"The category is boy bands!" He announced.

We all huddled and began talking.

"So, what, we just burst out singing a song from a boy band?" Demi asked.

"Exactly!" Perrie said.

"Think guys!" I shouted. Before we could even think they Mixers had already started. We turned and faced them. Harry stood out in front of them.

"There's a thousand words that I could say to make you come home. Seems so long ago you walked away, left me alone. And remember what you said to me..." Harry sang. Their was no way I was going to let him win.

I walked up to him, "Me why? Tell me why? I never wanna her you say I want it that way." Harry backed away and went back to his group. "Am I your fire? Your one desire? Yes I know it's too late."

"Late. Though you traveled so far, boy I'm sorry you are." Zayn cut me off and began singing. I backed up and whispered to my girls. "It's too late. Though you traveled so far boy. I'm sorry you are twenty five minutes too late. I can still hear he say..." Zayn finished the song. Crap.

"Round one goes to Manchester Mixers!" Zach announced as the boys tackled Zayn. Zach spun the wheel. "The catagory is Bad. Any song that you think is naughty, bad, and so on." Zach smirked.

"Na na na na come on." Brittney one of our new girls stepped forward, "Na na na na come one. Na na na na come one. Na na na na come one, come one, come on." 

Perrie stepped forward and sang, "Feels so good being bad. There's no way I'm turning back. Now the pain is my pleasure, cause nothing could measure."

"Love is great, love is fine. Outta box, Outta line. The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more." Brittney sang.

"Cause I may be bad-" Perrie started to sing but was cute off.

"Bad. I'm bad. You know it." Zayn cut her off, "You know I'm bad, I'm bad. And the whole world has the answer to answer now. Just to tell you once again, Who's bad..."

"Bad romance. Oh-Oh-OOHHH! I want your love and all your lover's revenge. You and me could write a bad romance." Demi stepped in. "Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-OHHHH! Want your bad romance. Want your bad romance. Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-OHHHH! Want your bad romance. Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-oh-la-la! Want your bad romance."

"The...?" Zach asked.

"Madonnas." I shouted.

"The Madonnas have won round two!" Zach announced. We high fived Demi as Zach spun the wheel. "Round three is Taylor Swift!"

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