Pitch, Please!

Wining sectionals was great and all, but wining regional's would be something. Delany and Harry couldn't be any more happier together, they had awesome times going on double dates with Niall and Demi or Zayn and Perrie. But after an ugly split up between one of the couples in Manchester Mixers causes one of them to leave and make their own a Capella group, what side will they all choose? Will Manchester Mixers even make it to regional's in one piece or will this new a capella club at school get the best of them? You'll have to find out in this sequel to Pitch Slapped!


23. Arriving

The past weeks flew by and before I knew it, Nationals was tomorrow. We got the Drama departments singing expert to come and coach us. She was great and way more nicer than Cowell. Harry had tried to talk to me almost everyday, but I told him to back off and that I needed my space. Niall's black eye healed and he was still pissed at me inside, but he never showed it outside. He acted like nothing happened between us, but I could tell he was angry with me. Liam was still my right hand man and I could talk to him about anything. 

Liam admitted to me his feelings for Demi and it turned out she liked him back. They have been dating for a total of three days, woohoo, but they couldn't be anymore happier. Perrie and I on they other hand are still single and we are fine with that, we've got sectionals tomorrow and we didn't need any boys getting in our heads, no offense Demi.

"Okay ladies!" Miss. Mason stood at the front of the bus. She was our new coach from the drama department. She was about twenty-three, but looked eighteen. Her blonde wavy hair went perfectly with her blue eyes. "I want you all to not talk too much on this bus ride. You'll be doing a lot of singing tomorrow and I don't want any of you to lose your voices. So get some sleep, we have got an early day tomorrow."

Every talked quietly and some were listening to their iPods. During the ride I got a good four hour nap. As I woke up at seven fifteen I realized we were almost to our hotel. Miss. Mason blew her air horn which woke up every girl but me since I was already up.

"Ladies, we've got ten minutes until we reach the Hilton." She smiled.

The Hilton was where we were staying for the next two nights and it was where we would be performing too. They had a theater in the hotel where Nationals was going to be held at.

"I want you all once we reach the hotel get your key and go up to your room. I want no funny business going on and stay away from the a capella boys, trust me, they are a waste of your time." Miss. Mason instructed.

We all nodded our heads in agreement. Perrie, Demi, and I would be sharing a room just like at school.

As everyone hopped off the bus and grabbed their luggage I could see another bus pulling in. Nationals here we come. I took one deep breath and grabbed my luggage. This was it, were finally here. I made my way through the lobby to where Miss. Mason was at and she smiled and handed me my key.

I looked around and saw that Perrie and Demi were no where in sight. They must be on their way to the room.

As I reached floor forty-two, I slowly walked down the hall examining each and every room number until I found room four thirty four. I slipped the card in and opened the door.

Demi and Perrie were unloading luggage whhen both of them looked up towards the door.

"Hey!" Demi smiled.

"We thought you got lost." Perrie smiled too.

"Nope just taking my time." I assured them.

"Oh okay." Perrie said unloading her luggage.

"Well I'm just about done here so I'm going to go find Liam." Demi smiled.

"Coach said not to mess with the a capella boys." I told her.

"I know, she said nothing about my boyfriend." Demi giggled and walked out the door.

"That girl." I laughed.

"At least she's happy." Perrie said.

"You have got a point their Perrie." I smiled.

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