Give me love

kidnapped is what i am. that boy i loved hates me. I now love his best friend. His other too friends are fighting for me, The one is trying to bring me back and the other has fun with me, possibly to much fun. Think i got into this all because of one mistake i made, i just wanted love, and now I'm kidnapped.


4. reconnecting

Back to the present

ryans pov: 

After hearing the plan i slept over at nialls flat, on the couch of course. It was nice seeing the boys again i missed all of them even harry. that morning i woke up to the bright sun beaming down my face. i fluttered my eyes opened and heard voices in the other room. i was too tired to get up and just listened to the conversation. "listen to me, you can't fall in love with her, i can't fall in love with her, harry can't fall in love with her nor liam nor zayn. nobody can fall in love with her because if we remember what happened three years ago when we all fell in love with her then you would no why now nobody can fall in love with her." it was pretty obvious what louis and niall were talking about. before any more was said that i shouldn't have heard i got up an walked into the other room were the two boys were chatting. yea i know a normal girl would have  wanted to hear all that they thought and listen but no not me. i felt things should be told to you the right way no matter how badly you want to hear them. "hey guys." i said sitting next to louis. "hi ry" "good morning." they said at the same time. "how did you sleep." louis asked. "just fine! last time i was here i slept on this couch too." i looked at niall who was looking at me, his lips had a slight smirk on them remembering that night but his cheeks turned a bright red to hide the smile that hid underneath. "today the lads will be coming not including ed, ed will be coming tomorrow. he doesn't know your here." lou said. "perfect! but wait is harry coming." i asked. i was scared if he was going to come. what would he do, would he be happy or furious that they found me. what lied beneath harry was only exposed to some, the things he said and did that could actually kill a person, the feelings nobody knew harry had, these things were exposed to me and i was scared they would come back again but this time in front of every one. "sadly yes, he would find out sometime but were here to protect you this time."niall said. after eating some pancakes and catching up on everything i decided to go shopping to get some things. If i was staying here then i was going to need some cloths, but i wanted to go alone. i needed to think of a plan, what was i going to do when harry got there. I had to make myself look good, even better than usual. I was going to make him jealous, make him want me again and look at me and think why did i ever do that to her. And after all this i wouldn't let him have me back not now nor ever. The one thing i didn't like about this was that i would have to change my goody good ways, goodbye good girl hello SLUT.  Okay maybe not a slut yet but still i have to make harry jealous. I got some cute cloths, stuff i normally wouldn't get and would make fun of kids who did were these kinds of cloths but this was all part of my plan. i went back to nialls flat, he wasn't home and went to go pick up all the other boys. i stepped into the shower and cleansed myself. wrapping a towel around my body i stepped out, one foot at a time. I stared at my hair, what am i suppose to do with this. i curled my hair giving myself beach waves. carefully i applied a pink lipstick and a black mascara. some blush to top everything off and i looked so different but i still looked so......HOT. i walked into the other room to get one of the new outfits i bought. It was something i would were on a lazy day with guys. I slipped on the blue sweater with the white anchor on it. one leg by another i stepped into my blue and white tye died pants. i had on navy blue wedges that tied up and had silver studs on them like a collar. i had a blue and white bag, a gray circular scarf and a a navy blue beanie. I felt like a hipster, so different usually i would were floral skirts and things like that.  as i was finishing up getting ready i heard niall pull into the driveway along with the rest of the boys. i know that niall and lou didn't tell the rest of the boys i was here or the plan and i know that they definitely didn't tell harry. i walked downstairs and sat on the couch. I played with my hair and bit my lip listening to niall fight with the keys to get in. it was time. first i saw a blonde boy walk in with those bright blue eyes followed by a tan figure with brown hair and brown eyes, after see in a boy with little hair, a boy with straight brown hair and then a boy with dimples, green eyes and the curly hair i haven't seen in ages. He looked at me, they all did. half in shock the other half what i looked like. They weren't use to this, i wasn't use to this. " what is she doing here." harry said looking at me in disgust. great this is exactly what i didn't want. 




we walked into nialls flat. him and louis wanted to show us something. we walked in to see her sitting on the couch. why was she here i thought for sure see was gone forever. when i left her i regretted it i loved her so much they knew i missed her and they probably thought i would be so thrilled to see her, go up to her and kiss her like she has never been kissed before. no, Thats not how i felt. anger ran through me she came for me after she cheated on me. what a slut. she looked so different. like a slut. she changed i could tell. she was a slut. "what is she doing here." i spitted out. i don't know why i wanted to go after her and punch her right across the face. but i didn't, i held back. why was i like this why did i hold grudges. i don't know why but for some reason i hate her i despised her... everything about her was so perfect which is why i despised her. " this what we had too show you, we have a plan." louis said. i looked at all the other guys girlfriends or not they all were drooling over her. she was mine i had her first. "WITH HER, NO I DONT APPROVE..." "harry calm down" the boys yelled. "DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO, YOU.. LEAVE NOW." i yelled at ryan. she teared up "I'm sorry." she whispered. "YOUR SORRY YOUR SORRY FOR WHAT CHEATING ON ME MAKING ME FEEL LIKE SHIT AFTER EVERYTHING I DID FOR YOU.". " HARRY, I SAID I WAS SORRY AND ITS NOT MY FALT U LEFT ME TO DIE IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WERE IF IT WASNT FOR NIALL I WOULD HAVE DIED, I DIDNT WANT TO COME HERE, I DIDNT WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN, THEY KIDNAPPED ME I DIDNT FIND THEM. I NEVER WANTED TO SEE YOUR FUCKING FACE AGAIN!!" she yelled tears rolling down her cheeks so rapidly. i hurt her again. i don't mean to do these things. what was wrong with me. "COME BACK NOW." i yelled. after her. all i heard was a door slam and then the lock switch. "harry why? why do you hate her you didn't even say hello maybe she changed, even though she never was the problem." zayn said. i couldn't get my anger out onto her so i chased after zayn. i gave him a punch right across the face. " i gave her everything. EVERYTHING! yes she did change she's a slut a huge slut." i said through my teeth. i wanted to run upstairs and attack her yet at the same time i wanted to go up and hug her tell her i was sorry tell her to get back with me. she wouldn't ever get back with me and thats what really bugged me. he rolled on top of me. " i find out you ever hurt an inoccent girl again i will kill you, infact i should just kill you know." he said. "you didn't even listen to the plan it doesn't have to do with you." niall screamed. i watched as louis walked up the stairs to go comfort ryan. i got up and left before zayn could hurt me anymore. 


wow tension!!!! so guys i am going to be writing a lot this week since i have off from school. there is so much love an tension and fighting and surprises in this story that i just can't even with this. i hope you all love this. also right now i feel the need to tell you that............i am no longer single yes i have a boyfriend. its been a week and i love him so much. i bet you all agree you write about how you feel a lot so i will be writing a lot of  triangular love things and stuff like that. ed comes in the next chapter so for all you sheerios you can stop your waiting cause ed is coming to give her love. hehehhehe i love this fanfic so much and i hope you all agreexxx thanks so much luvs .xxx keep reading. 



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