Give me love

kidnapped is what i am. that boy i loved hates me. I now love his best friend. His other too friends are fighting for me, The one is trying to bring me back and the other has fun with me, possibly to much fun. Think i got into this all because of one mistake i made, i just wanted love, and now I'm kidnapped.


6. new love

ryans pov:


i woke up to the chirping of crickets and a very quiet household. my eyes fluttered open and wondered around the room getting use ti the setting. after my moments of thought i walked downstair, hair a mess and my breath craving some mint mouthwash. I went to the cabinet and pulled out some milk and cereal. I figured niall was still sleeping being it was so quiet. Drama was already started but i was going to try to keep it low being that i probably end up staying with the boys. Last night i gave ed my number and received a bunch of goodnight texts from him. he was sweet, i could get use to him but at the same time hearing what had happened to this amy girl, the way he dropped her like a hot tamale then saying it was just cause he was drunk proves to me i can't fully trust this boy yet. For now i had to play two parts. amy and a slut. I basically was living three different lives and was already exhausted from it. me an ed today were going to go down to some beach. It was times like these that i was grateful it was summer. i walked upstairs and brushed my hair. the boys were coming too with there girlfriends and i was excited because i haven't seen them in years (I HAVE ABSOULUTLY NOTHING AGAINST EL ITS JUST FOR THE STORY.) . el always hated me after what i did with lou so i prayed she will think i am amy and not ryan. i took the elastic around my wrist and tied my hair up into a ponytail. I had to search in my closet for something beach because i only bought one beach outfit....okay maybe two. as soon as i found it i put on my american flag bikini which i covered with a navy blue beach coverup.  i grabed the bag i used yesterday, because it matched and red flip-flops. i added a redd fabric scarf to this look and a brown straw sun hat. i checked myself in the mirror and turned. i wasn't sure if harry was coming today but either way i had to make myself look presentable. as soon as i went downstairs i heard someone behind me. turning i saw the shadow coming closer to me with blonde, bed hair. It was weird just living with niall in his house us alone. It felt like we were a couple even though we weren't. I had to pretend that i lived on my own so ed wouldn't find out. We might not have been a couple but that didn't stop be from playing the game. i looked at him locking my eyes with his making him wake up from sleep mode instantly.  he quickly left my eyes and looked down to see my see through coverup with my bikini on underneath. quickly his eyes widened and i tried to pretend i didn't notice this but my lips drew a small smirk.  I  am not going to lie there were slight feelings for niall and i knew he felt the same. this would be fun. 

nialls pov: 


i don't even think there is a better way to wake up. just think a hot girl in my house with a bikini on thats how i woke up. i looked at her and i knew she noticed i was looking at her body so i decided to play a little game with her. we were gonna play with each other. we couldn't be together but we could take over each others worlds with the things we say. i walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. and hugged her tight. she never pulled away no in fact i did. i looked at her body and bit my lip staring at her and making it noticeable i was i looked back up at her. she then looked down to me. btw i do sleep shirtless so yes i had no shirt on which made this game even better. we made eye contact and this time i was teasing her hypnotizing her, and making her fall into my trance. i leaned in for the big one but tricked her and made my way for her collarbone. leaving a trail of kisses and some tounge behind i made my way up to her ear making her shiver with excitement. i grabbed her bum and whispered in her ear. "I want you so bad." leaving my hot breath linger in her ear. she wrapped one leg around me and then the other, and i lifted her off the ground.  i made my way back down towards her collar bone. her hands automatically went to my hair and tugged on it. i pushed her body against the nearby wall. I've never admittes this stuff to her, and although we were not a couple we couldn't ever have each other i knew that we could both play this game for fun. she pulled me in for the thing I've been waiting for, the thing I've been wanting, the thing I've been craving, the thing I've been needing. her lips pressed against mine and we moved perfectly in harmony. i liked her bottom lip asking, and at the moment gaining entrance. we were like this for a couple minutes till she finally pulled away. her breath was heavy enough that i could here it. she made me feel as if she was going to lean in say she wanted me say she needed me tell me to run away with her "get dressed." she said in my ear.  i kissed her one last time and put her feet back on the ground and made my way towards my bedroom, 


ryans pov: 

i sat against the wall processing everything that happened in this hallway. i walked downstairs to see ed standing outside about to ring the doorbell. Oh no he couldn't see me her. i ran outside from the backdoor and hid behind some bushes. i watched as ed rang the door an d was greeted by niall who was dressed in a bathing suit and a t-shirt. "hey lad." ed said walking inside. i walked around a rang the doorbell as if i was just coming. niall answered and looked at me confused. "hey niall" i said hugging him. i looked at ed "ready to go to the beach." "course, can't wait to see u in a bathing suit." ed said holding my hips. i lightly kissed his lips "its been a while." i said looking disappointed. "well the rest of the lads will be here soon." said niall. we waited till all the guys got there including harry and we were off. me and harry didn't talk event though he had to pretend i was amy. the girls were there to and were well aware of the plan. eleanor stared at me the hole time. i have a huge apology for her but i had to do this later. we all said our hellos and i had to pretend i wasn't mad at anyone in the car, no right now i was amy. "so how you been amy, we missed you so much as much as ed." said danielle. "no way, i missed her much more." said ed. i looked up at him  in his eyes and got so lost in them. when we got to the beach we all got out and set up. liam and danielle went surfing, niall went to the snack stand, louis and eleanor went to go build a sand castle, zayn and perrie went to go sun bathe, and harry just sat under the umbrella going me evil looks once and a while.  seeing all these boys shirtless were making me crazy, once and a while i would catch one of the boys look at me and sometimes i would catch harry looking at me and once i noticed he was he looked up and would pretend to give me a disgusted look. just what i thought this was all an act he was clearly jealous of ed he wanted me back, he wasn't getting me. me and ed took a walk down the beach, hand in hand. i know all that I'm saying you would think i was in love with niall but no i was falling for ed, not amy not the slut no ryan, was falling for ed. "you still afraid of the water." he asked me. well i guess amy didn't like the water. "you tell me." i said running into the water. i splashed around probably looking like a complete idiot but i was going to turn amy into ryan and make him fall in love with the real me. i looked back to see no ed were did he go? suddenly i felt too arms grab me and pick me up throwing me to the water. i laughed and started swallowing some water but quickly got back up and started splashing ed. he picked me up again and threw me ontop of his shoulders. "whooo hoo" i screamed. he just laughed and started walking into to hallowed water. "ahhhhh ed no your gonna drop me." still pretty deep he through me back off his shoulders into the water. he got up and looked at me " i know." he said. we looked into each others eyes  . he leaned in and before i knew it our lips were together. i tasted the salt water from ads lips and although it wasn't powerful it was passionate. i pulled away and teasingly dunked his head under the water and making sure he couldn't come up till i wanted him to. he broke out of my grasp and came up. we acted like little kids and were very childish. we got out and ran all the way back to our place in the sand.  "your my summer love." ed said to me as i wrapped a towel around my body. we packed our stuff and went to go to the car. we were all ready to leave and went home, i went back to nialls flat and took a shower remembering the evens that happened today. ed was mine, he will be mine forever and if i can't have him no one can.  






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