Give me love

kidnapped is what i am. that boy i loved hates me. I now love his best friend. His other too friends are fighting for me, The one is trying to bring me back and the other has fun with me, possibly to much fun. Think i got into this all because of one mistake i made, i just wanted love, and now I'm kidnapped.


5. meeting ed

ryans pov:


that son of a bitch! He didn't even let me say what i wanted to, he doesn't know the plan and i know he is going to mess everything up. I know that no matter how badly he wanted to hurt me i know he was upset that he did that, i know he misses me. When your with someone that long and they only do one thing thats really bad, yes u might not be able to forgive them but no matter what you do you will still love them. Thats something harry doesn't understand, something he is trying to fight. I know this, i know i still love him secretly but i don't try to fight it. I ran upstairs crying and locked the door. i didn't need this shit, they weren't letting me leave. They  were forcing me to fall in love with some guy i don't know. I needed alone time, these boys were different then any other group of boys. i heard harry scream after me but i didn't care, i wasn't coming out till he left. "darling its just me, open up." i heard louis say from behind the door a couple moments later. I got up and let him in, suddenly relocking the door. "louis i can't with him, he doesn't listen to me, he never did!  i wouldn't have never kissed you a couple years ago if he didn't hurt me before. he thinks he treated me like a princess but we fought all the time!" i said crying. i could tell lou could barely understand me. "shhhh its okay he is seriously the biggest douche for doing that to you, everything before and now, he doesn't have to know the plan we can say something like we brought u back cause we thought he might wanna see you but then u end up falling in love with ed or something." louis sat next to me on bed and wiped away my tears. " don't listen to him." i looked at louis.. the next thing i knew was i was hugging him sobbing into his chest. mascara was all over his shirt and he rubbed my back, comforting me. "I'm here, for you." lou said. i didn't want to talk back yet just listen to louis comforting words and let him make me feel secure from the devil. i started to calm down and we heard someone else come upstairs. "u okay, open up ryan its just niall." i looked at louis. " your choice." lou said. i nodded and got up to open the door. niall looked from me to lou to all the mascara on lou shirt, to my big red puffy eyes and suddenly opened his arms and hugged me tight. "you alright." he asked. "I'm fine." i lied. lou looked at niall "weres harry." he asked. " left, got into a fight with zayn and just ran away." "so he's gone?" i wiggled out of nialls grasp. "yup." i looked at them both exchanging different glances as if we all were reading each others minds. "lets go." i said grabbing nialls hand and bringing him downstairs. lou followed us. "hey" i mumbled to zayn and liam. they both got up at the same time and hugged me. "we missed you, how have you been" asked zayn. "fine, till now, but umm anyway we have to tell you guys something" "alright" liam replied. lou and niall told them the plan. then lou told them the next plan that we were going to tell harry. i walked to the bathroom and fixed myself up letting them chat about it. i looked how i started again and walked into the other room. they all looked at me. They all might not know but i could tell instantly that they all were drooling over me, girlfriends or not. so i decided to play a little game. heres were the new me, slutty me comes in. i was gonna play with all them. Just as i was about to start my little game the doorbell rang. we all froze, could it be harry oh no. back so soon. Harry or not the game was going on. the doorbell rang again and i got up. "don't get it." screamed niall. i walked over to niall and slowly took my hands and rubbed them down his chest and wrapped them around his neck making him shiver with excitement. i leaned in close to his ear and whispered "I'm scared what if its harry, can you get it." leaving my hot breath in his ear. man i must say it was pretty hard being a good girl lots of rules but being a slut was so easy. I'm not going to lie i was super scared it was harry and after what had happened i pictured him outside with a gun or something. when i acted like this it made me forget about what was going on. " of course." niall said gulping getting up. i ran over to zayn and grabbed his hand "i don't wanna be here when niall opens the door, come with me so I'm not alone." i said looking into his eyes leaving him completely speechless. 



i havnt senn ryan in years and let me tell you she changed even her face she was so different so care free, so prefect. man i loved this new ryan i wanted this new ryan, but i could tell that so did all the other boys, including harry. she talked to niall and convinced him to get the door. slowy she approached over to me " i don't wanna be here when niall opens the door, come with me so I'm not alone." she said to me looking up into my eyes. shit her eyes, she looked at me weirdly and then got a slight smirk on her face. I tried but words didn't come out of my mouth. i must look like an idiot right now. i just shook my head as in yes. we walked into the kitchen. i swear if that was harry he was asking to get killed by me.  I could tell she was nervous but pretended she wasn't. she sat  on the counter and did the one thing that killed me..........she bit her lip and looked at me. i walked closer to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. " he won't hurt you." i whispered to her. she looked at me and i couldn't help myself i leaned in for the kiss but i  quickly stopped myself when i heard niall open the front door. "perrie" she said to me. ugh i forgot about her, i just got so lost in the moment that i completely forgot about my own girlfriend. " hey ed we have a surprise for you in the kitchen." screamed liam. Oh! i swear niall said he was coming tomorrow, well i guess he's here now. i backed away from ryan and watched as she fixed herself up. she didn't need to fix her self up but she did it any way. i released she knew that he was here and started getting ready for his entrance. she pretended she was laughing at something i said. i just went along with it. she watched as the door opened and then looked at him. "Ed?" she said 




was it amy? it sort of looked like her but she looked different at the same time. what were these boys up to. "amy?" i asked. "what....what are you doing here." she said getting off the table. it had to be her i don't know who else it would be. i missed her so much i loved her and i left her but i regret it all the time. " i was going to ask you the same thing." i said looking at the boys. "we said we had surprises for you both and here are your surprises." i looked at her. " can we talk in private." she asked me. "of course." i said watching the boys leave the room. "why did u leave me, was it something i did, or said." she asked me. "no i don't no i am crazy i was drinking that night when i woke up u were gone and the boys told me what happened. I've missed you so badly." i watched as she walked over to me and just pressed her lips against mine. "please, ed i love you and don't leave me." she said in between kisses. "i promise." i replied pulling away. "amy, I'm sorry." "your forgiven." she said. we walked into the other room and saw the lads there. we sat on the couch it was late i probably should be getting back. "would you like me to drive you home." i asked her. "no its fine." she replied. i kissed her in front of the boys to show them we were back together. i loved these lads for doing this for me. she pulled away. "bye" she said. i closed the door behind me and drove back to my flat. best night of my life. 





"how did i do boys." i asked. "pretty good he definitely thought u were amy, he said he was suppose to come tomorrow but he got home early." liam announced. "oh i see well I'm really tired so I'm going to bed, night boys." i said. "goodnight." they replied. lou wasn't sleeping over to night so i was going to sleep in the guest room. i walked upstairs and left the boys in the other room. 



SOOOO WHAT YALL THINK!!!! i don't know when harry is going to come back yet but we will see. as promised ed was in this chapter!!! ohhh maybe ryan is turning into a slut... but don't get your hopes up. i am going to try and write a new chapter everyday but no promises. thanks for all of you who put me on your favorites. love you all xxx. this wasn't my favorite chapter but i am really tired to make it more interesting, its interesting enough. but  enjoy for now loves. 

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