Give me love

kidnapped is what i am. that boy i loved hates me. I now love his best friend. His other too friends are fighting for me, The one is trying to bring me back and the other has fun with me, possibly to much fun. Think i got into this all because of one mistake i made, i just wanted love, and now I'm kidnapped.


2. kidnapped

ryans pov:


I started to slowly feel myself loosing my breath and suddenly realized i was being suffocated. I kept trying to let myself fall asleep and wake up to find this all a dream but i could get back to reality and was stuck in a world of darkness. I kept moving around but as i went to kick for space my body came to a halt. I was still partially drunk and possibly could just be making this all up but i slowly started to come back and become aware of my surroundings. two voices from upfront were talking. I shifted a little to get closer and hear what they were talking about. " this better be the girl because if not we just kidnapped a random girl off the street." a voice said. the second voice rang " i know well be in so much trouble but i think this is the girl who else would dance like that on a table in a PUBLIC BAR AREA!!!! i mean this has to be her. If i remember her she was the slutys slut I've ever met and daring." " whatever lets just take her out into the flat." While i didn't really know what was going on from what i put together I was kidnapped and i was definitely not the girl they thought i was. Out of know were i heard a click and felt to arms wrap around my body and lift me up. I tried kicking and screaming and punching randomly just to get out of the bag tying around me. " shhhhhh its okay come down seesh its alright" the voice holding me said with a annoyed tone. If i was him i would be annoyed to but i was bring kidnapped here so obviously i was going to try to get away. After minutes of fighting i finally was get down and was revealed to a wonderland of light. I squinted at the sight and slowly started to get up revealing to shadows. " shit i don't think this was the right girl." " sorry to burst your bubble but it is not the right girl." the shadows yelled. " Lou what now we can get arrested for kidnapping.!?!?" the figure screamed sitting on the couch. " ummm hi" i said.       fixing my hair and looking at them clearer.  As my eyes started to zoom closer to study the figures i noticed the figures were the one and only niall horan and louis tomlinson. 




nialls pov:


It was her. i haven't seen her since since she was working in daffys ice cream parlor. She sat up with her big blue eyes and fixed her long red hair. She was even more gorgeous than i remembered. i remember wanting to make her mine make her love me and be with me forever. i wanted to love her like she was never loved before and hold her in my arms when she was upset and know i remember why i had felt that. "uuummmm hi." she said i could tell she was still shaky from the ride and didn't notice it was us. louis looked up to an we both looked at each other at the same time and i knew we were thinking the same thing............this was no accident it was fate. we missed her and i just had her for one night but that night my heart was opened up. Now i cant call her mine she obviously had a boyfriend with those looks. "Louis....Niall" she said getting up with excitement. she jumped up and hugged louis " how did u find me, what whats going on." shit we had a lot of explaining to do. she looked over at me. her eyes were shinning like stars and oh i could get lost in them forever. "niall.........i missed you so much." she wrapped her arms around me sending shovers down my spine. " what... what is all this." she said. i cupped her chin wanting to kiss those lips staring at me, taunting me. " you should sit." i said. louis went to get some tea and i had to explain all that was happening without giving away to much. "well we were sent to the club last night because we heard eds {as in ed sheeran} ex girlfriend was going to the club that night. he hasn't been the same so we went to go get her for him but ended up with you." that was no were near the real story but it was the only thing i could come up with and as much as i didn't want to lie to her but i couldn't tell her the truth. but i knew one thing for sure i could not take her back to were she was suppose to go because it was my chance. " but you see u must stay here because we want u to pretend to be his ex and fall back in love with him. i thought of this now but it will work trust me he will never know cause u look just like her." louis came back filling up our cups with the hot beverage. we told louis the plan and he agreed. i think he knew what i was up to but i think that he was going with it for me and for me and ryans sake. i just don't want her to be by harry who knows how he will hirt her again. 




so what did you all think. sorry for the short chapters but that is how its gunnna be from now on with this story at least. comment and like and just do whatever. i love you all so what do u think it will happen with niall and ryan hhhmmmmmmmmmmm just saying this everything is not what it seems. thanks loves enjoyxxxxxx



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