Give me love

kidnapped is what i am. that boy i loved hates me. I now love his best friend. His other too friends are fighting for me, The one is trying to bring me back and the other has fun with me, possibly to much fun. Think i got into this all because of one mistake i made, i just wanted love, and now I'm kidnapped.


1. introduction


ryan's point of view

Hi im ryan.  Im basically your average everyday good girl.  Heres some things about me. Well Ive only had a few drinks in my life and being in england I'm aloud to have as much as i want i just choose not too. I just moved out of the house and was living with my parents till now. And yes i am a virgin. Ive never got in trouble, I am a straight A student and Never once was a popular. Yes i was a wallflower i was different but i enjoyed that about myself and being the goody good i am i wasn't ever going to be popular. Ive never had many friends but only one. My best friend in the entire world Aria and she actually looked like Aria from pretty little liars which we joked about a lot. I on the other hand was a ginger and never complained about it instead  i embraced it. I was always more mature than everyone in my grade from the time i was little till now. I spend my time studying and hanging out with aria instead of drinking and partying like a normal girl my age would do. I know what your thinking what a weirdo and a goody good because well thats what i am. As far as boys well I've only hooked up with two guys before the one never called me and the other well that was a crazy experience And after him i promised myself to never fall in love again. We didn't speak to each other ever again. So thats basically me and my goody good self. As i said i don't go out and party or drink or do any of that stuff But tonight was special. Aria is single yet again and wants to celebrate by going to her favorite night club. You see unlike me Aria did get guys, she went out and her grades were unbelievably low but some how we ended up as best friends. I got into the shower and thought about tonight. I promised myself i would drink responsibly since i was driving myself home, i Would leave before 1:00 and i would not dance or go with any boys in the club. Yea i sound like a party pooper but thats just the kinda person i am and I'm not a party popper I'm just responsible. I massaged my head with a coconut flavored shampoo and conditioned with the matching flavored content. Tonight will be fun or a disaster but i guess we will see once were there. I turned the shower water off and grabbed the towel from outside. carefully i wrapped it around my body and stepped out of the shower. I took my hand and wiped the mirror so i could see myself in it. what to do with my hair. Being that its straight and all i was limited so i decided to just let it fall straight down my back. i put on a light pink lip stick and a a touch of mascara. I walked out into my closet and layed out a wight, tight, strapless dress with blue and white flowers on it. I slipped on the dress and put on purple high heels with big bows on them. i grabbed a small blue feather purse and filled it with some contents. yea i know what your thinking this outfit isn't a club outfit but i have nothing else that is sorta clubby like. I grabbed my gray jacket and headed out to the car. I turned on the Radio only to find The worst band in history playing. "uuuuggghhh" i said changing the channel. Its not that i hated the band in fact they were all super nice guys, so i thought, But i despised the one band member Harry. He was so horrible to woman he made them love him have sex with him and then he would dump them. I don't understand how these girls fan girled over him. He was such a man whore. The rest of the boys though had a good reputation and i didn't mind them. They seemed sweet. As i pulled up to the club i saw aria waving at me. I could hear the music all the way from outside, the loud drunk men screaming, the girls feet stomping and the innocent bar tenders trying to calm everyone down. OH gosh this is not my kinda place. I shouldn't have come. I got out of the car and hugged Aria. we walked in side to reveal the bright lights carpeting the room. "  wow its uhhh loud in here." i screamed over the music. i guess  she could feel i felt tense. "come with me" she said.  i followed her to the bar which was much more quiet  than the dance floor but still so so loud. " two gin and tonics please." she yelled to the bar tender. he shook his head and started making the concuaction. " A, you know i don't drink that stuff ill just have a margarita. " i said to her. Just the thought of gin and tonic made me feel sick.  and yes if you were wondering i do call Aria A is just simpler. " oh come on ry live a little just for one night. And don't drink to much of this cause later on were having shots." the man brought over our drinks. "shots!?!, look ill live a little tonight but don't expect me to do some crazy stuff. ok?" i screamed slurping down my drink. " whatever." said Aria. i kew she was going to be stubborn tonight. 




two hours later:

Arias point of view 


"drinks for all and to all a goodnight!!!" Ryan screamed from on top of the table. The club cheered her on as she danced on top of the bar. After taking what seemed like a billion shots the girl became as drunk as a sailor. At the moment she was drinking beer straight out of the keg. i know i told her to live a little but this was getting out of hand and it was already 2 in the morning. "Ryan its getting late, i think you should get down from there come on lets go." i said grabbing her hand to get off the table. she snatched it away from me. " your no fun!!!!" she said. " suit your self ry but I'm going home." i said walking away. i turned around to see two men dancing on the table with her now. Gosh she was such a goody good but let me tell you if she acted like this during high school she would have been the coolest kid around. "bye loser." she yelled back at me. what a freak i swear if she wasn't drunk i would've have bitch slapped her right across the face but than again if she wasn't drunk she wouldn't have been acting like this. I left the club and went home i knew that after drinking all of that i shouldn't be the one to drive myself back but oh well we will see what happenes. 




Ryans point of view:


"wooooohoooooo" i screamed to the music i danced on the table with the random men that were next to me. Yea i know what i said i wasn't going to dance with men and that whole check list but you know what screw it I already did everything against the check list. Oh gosh i felt sick oh no i was gunnna hurl. i jumped off the table and ran to the bathroom. Boy i ways having the time of my life till now. to the toilet i went and well dumped out all the unedeness. i wiped my mouth gosh this was disgusting. i sat in the bathroom cluching my stomach. i started to get up back to partying. i heard wispers. i hid behind the door. " but what if thats not her we don't even know if she's here." a voice said. it was high picked and  had a different accent. " no thats her trust me just get her on the count of three." another voice said. " mate I'm not ready." the other one said. " one....two...three" a the voice yelled. suddenly everything went dark. 



so loves what did you think?? i know i don't have that many fans but ill talk to you guys any way. i think this movella is going to be better. expect surprises. comment and tell your friends about it and your friends friends and yea. i love you all. 


also i feel like doing a contest soon but no promises about it. ill keep posting new chapters soon but for now heres the introduction. and btw this is an ed sheeran fanfic and one direction. want me to add anything just comment so i know. thanks guys enjoyxx

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